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  1. -Peter-

    Roman Legions During Gallic Wars

    Wondering if anyone has some insight in to the equipment the Legionaries will have worn around the beginning. I read the other day that bronze was still used at that point for the lorica hamata, but can't remember where I read it. Just trying to build a bit of picture, as I'm struggling to...
  2. -Peter-

    Open University / Being a mature student

    Anyone have any experience of this that they can pass on? I'm currently considering an Open University course as an investment for a potential career change. I'm 27 now, and I'm a self employed tradesman, earning decent money but not necessarily happy in what I do, nor is it a job I can...
  3. -Peter-

    Recommend a Documentary

    Traditional style, docu-drama whatever, pass on your suggestions! Just watching this below, probably one of the most realistically portrayed Romans I've seen. Or at least to what I imagine them to look like. Also stumbled upon this yesterday, basically the narrator is claiming there was no...
  4. -Peter-

    The Last Kingdom's Depiction of Anglo-Saxons

    Can anyone enlighten me as to how accurate it is? Things like the Saxon rectangular shields, the elaborate shield wall and use of sharpened sticks etc in battle. I always thought Danes and Saxons would have been similarly equipped and similar fighting styles due to their origins? Also, does...
  5. -Peter-

    Servers not showing/loading

    For some reason when I search for servers, only a couple appear, sometimes certain one's appear, then don't after refresh etc. Any help would be appreciated :D
  6. -Peter-

    Greek Shield

    Bit of a random question, but just looking for some information in to this shield design Any info as to who it was used by, what is represents etc would be great. I'm intrigued and naive.
  7. -Peter-

    New PC Help

    Wanting a new PC that will be good enough to run Warband and ideally Bannerlord. I don't really play other games, other than older Total Wars. However, I don't really know what to look for in terms of specs. Came across this...
  8. -Peter-

    Buying a new PC

    My stone age PC has sadly passed away and I'm looking to buy a new one. It's purpose will pretty much just be for M&B and Bannerlord when it's out. My technical knowledge of anything computer related is terrible so if anyone could help me out and let me know whether a pc with these specs would...
  9. -Peter-

    Love the mod, but..

    Getting absolutely battered. I was a vassal of Swadia for a while, doing okay, then I decided to execute King Ragnar after a battle, meaning every faction set out to kill me Warriors style. Naturally I left Swadia since they were attacking me anyway. Anyways, I now find myself with 1 town, 3...
  10. -Peter-

    Britain 1297 Video

    Just found this on YouTube, I didn't create it and am still trying to find out who did. It's a nice video, despite the number of bits where an English soldier is seen being slaughtered in slow motion :(
  11. -Peter-

    Britain 1066

    After watching that Channel 4 show about 1066 I decided I'd use some of the Saxon and Viking stuff I made a while ago and started working on a mod. It's much better for me as Britain 1297 is riddled with bugs which were a right pain in the arse to fix as the majority of them were made early on...
  12. -Peter-

    New Version of Britain 1297? Different Time Period? Different Concept?

    Help me decide, I've got a lot more spare time now (finally) so I want to get back to working on a mod. I've been doing bits and bobs, modelling for the sake of it and for other people's mods and will probably continue but I'm quite eager to get myself addicted to creating my own mod again...
  13. -Peter-

    Just to let you all know...

    Quoting myself from another thread; This doesn't competely rule out the possibility of a new release, but it's very unlikely due to my lack of time. However, equipment is being made so hopefully the aim of eventually setting up a decent server based on English v Scots will still be very...
  14. -Peter-

    New faction for Britain 1297

    I'm aware that neither actually invaded Britain, but both were allied with each other and Scotland at the time as far as I know and I'd like to add a bit more variety to the mod, so which would you prefer to see? Either way, I'm thinking of setting the next version mod in 1276 so Llywelyn is...
  15. -Peter-

    Using work from this mod in your own.

    Due to getting a few PM's asking to use armour and such from this mod and one case where content was used without asking or giving credits, I decided to just put it here so :- ~ Feel free to use anything from this mod that I've created as long as credits are given where they're due. Britain...
  16. -Peter-

    New Project Screenshots

    Gonna use this thread to dump any pics from the still unnamed project I've been working on. My Viking army vs. a small Roman legion.
  17. -Peter-

    Poll: Roman party sizes

    Just to give me an idea of how large to make the Roman parties. Just in case you haven't read already, the Romans will basically be like an invasion force, not a faction just an obstacle for the factions to find a way to get past. NOTE: This has nothing to do with the Britain 1297 mod, it's...
  18. -Peter-

    Adding boots problem.

    I've never had to add boots from scratch before, tried searching and tried the documentation but can't find out what I'm doing wrong, here's a pic of the problem :- I'm aware that I may have to rotate the leg but have no idea...
  19. -Peter-

    Reference Pictures

    If you want to see any particular armour, weapons, shields or whatever for any of the factions below, please post a reference picture. Anything related to 13-14th Century Scots, English, Irish & Welsh.
  20. -Peter-

    Poll: Which factions would you like to see included in the next mod?

    Referring to this thread -,51480.0.html which I'm pretty keen on doing, which factions would you most like to see? There will be 5 main factions and 3 bandit parties, however the bandit parties can be say...the Romans or whatever, it doesn't have to...
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