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  1. Sam Middleton

    Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    As a long term fan of Mount & Blade I must say I'm quite disappointed. However I'm unsure if its because my expectations for Bannerlord were perhaps too high and my disappointment is unfounded. I appreciate the reply nonetheless, Thanks Duh.
  2. Sam Middleton

    Suggestions On Where Bannerlord Can Improve

    I agree, the Calradia of Bannerlord doesn't seem like a realistic world your character is living in. More immersive content would really catapult Bannerlord from a good combat/grind sim to a all round god-tier game in my opinion, as the world would become so much more dynamic and engaging for players.
  3. Sam Middleton

    Suggestions On Where Bannerlord Can Improve

    Want to keep this as short as possible. The way Bannerlord looks and the combat needs no improvement in my opinion. Graphics are stunning and gameplay is great, so hats off to TaleWorlds for that. However I do believe there could be more content and immersion in the game to really make the...
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