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  1. saucefar

    We're still waiting for the equivalent of right to rule.

    If you are a real fan you would know that "right to rule" was a thing in Warband and previous games, it's straight forward mechanic as it says it gives you right to rule your kingdom. What would happen if you tried to rule before sending your companions out to increase this stat is that other...
  2. saucefar

    [bug fix request] Custom banner code is crashing the game in 1.6 beta

    It's not the mods that's crashing the game but the Banner Code itself in 1.6.0 beta, the bug in Bannerlord is caused by banners with multiple icon layers that then crash when you enter trading in any town and try to trade something. I know custom banners was taken out but us who make banner...
  3. saucefar

    Why is there no plate exactly ?

    If we try to guess what century the game is in, mine would be the 13-14th century because of the Mongol Empire aka Khuzait. But that would also mean that plate should really be in the game as it came in fashion again after the fall of the Roman Empire in the 13th century, Vlandians and Imperials...
  4. saucefar

    We need Warband's ways of gaining reputation.

    As it is now quest is a terribly slow and painful way to gain reputation, i don't want to mention games because they add so little if you win. When you greet a lord for the first time you should gain a few reps, i know theres a perk for it too. When you help a noble or ruler fight in battle...
  5. saucefar

    Number of bandits should increase with difficulty.

    Bandit parties offer no challenge on realistic to caravans if you put 120 units in there your caravan is basically safe for the rest of your game. If you change your difficulty to realistic, then i would like to see more bandits, sometimes i see parties with 20 and even 30 but those are...
  6. saucefar

    Space between names please

    In Warband i used it all the time to roleplay as others, i can see no reason to disallow spaces in singleplayer but yet here it is. This is not a mmorpg, we need spaces between names like we had in Warband.
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