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  1. Callum

    AI Lords party is 90% Recruit

    Just want to ask if anyone has the same experience as me. I've experienced AI Lords have 90% recruit in the mid-game even with everything set on very hard (bannerlord except recruitment difficulty, I am too lazy to play the quest lol). It is kinda boring to fight recruits over and over again. I barely see more than 5 imperial legionaries when I fight the empire. The recruits are easily picked off by the fian archers. Same as the others like the khuzait, they have tons of noble sons and qanli.

    Sorry if I made a mistake, English is not my first language.

    We have a change coming in the next patch (1.6.0) that should help with this problem. This change will give notables higher tier troops to sell instantly instead of requiring them to train up recruits.
  2. Callum

    Has the men going up siege ladders been fixed?

    Or is this something, requiring another year or so to wait?

    We have been reviewing all of the known issues with sieges recently (including a dedicated meeting about them earlier this week) and we will continue to work on fixes for those. And while I can't make any promises about when those fixes will come, they are a priority and I expect we won't have to wait another year.
  3. Callum

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    they just updated and steam.beta.test so maybe a new drop soon. hoping for 1.6.1. I'd like to see all the fixes Mexxico and others wrote get released for the campaign AI.

    It won't be released this week, unfortunately.
  4. Callum

    Kick button

    The problem with that approach is that a human is always going to figure out a way to trick the AI (well, until all games have some type of AlphaStar AI opponents or something :razz:). The solution to Rambo-ing needs to be something that players count get around or exploit.
  5. Callum

    Custom servers rant.

    It took 3 days to create custom servers for one modder, but because of whatever policy, TW has not released them yet. Shutting the modder down because he makes you look incompetent? So what? I am sorry to tell you, but you do look incompetent without his input already.

    Why do we have to run in freaking circles all the time? We ask for more communication, seemingly get it and then radio silence again. Why can’t you just come forward and make statements about topics that community considers to be important? That’s what community managers are for. I am so fed up of this. Why can other studios openly communicate with their community, but here, there’s either “soon”, “we can’t talk about it yet” or just silence? You’re so lucky that M&B is the only game of its kind and I hope it changes at some point.. But yeah, that probably doesn’t matter anyway, you don’t have to care once people buy your game.
    I am frustrated and yet, I am not even exaggerating. I guess that a voice chat in Skirmish is more important than developing custom servers.

    We will be looking at releasing custom server files closer to, or even after, the full release of the game. We still have a lot of work left to do on multiplayer and would like to finish implementing our planned features first.
  6. Callum

    Real Battle

    Summary: Hello dear support, I just want to apologize for the bad English, I translate with a Yandex translator. The other day I saw a modification that really conveys the specifics of fighting from reality to the virtual world of the game, realistic armor protection is what is really missing in the game, because it is very stupid if a gang of looters can easily throw stones or beat heavily armored warriors with sticks, in fact, the stones simply have to scratch the armor a little(can of course easily hit a warrior) - but this is the maximum. What is the essence of my appeal, what would I like to see in the upcoming updates: 1. Realistic armor system 2. Realistic damage system(the sword cuts/stabs well, but does not penetrate heavy armor well, the axe cuts and penetrates armor perfectly, well, the mace perfectly penetrates armor, for which it is a huge plus - of course it all needs to be balanced, I understand it is difficult, but it is necessary to increase the realism of battles in the game.) Thank bro:smile:
    How to Reproduce:-
    Have you used cheats and if so which:-
    Scene Name (if related):
    Media (Screenshots & Video):
    Computer Specs:
    GPU Driver Version:
    Storage Device (HDD/SSD):

    Hey, thanks for sharing your feedback!

    Realism and gameplay are quite often at odds when it comes to games (we play games to distract us from real life after all!). This is something we take into consideration when designing different features, and we always go in favour of what we think will make for a more fun and enjoyable game.

    However, your concerns about armour have been raised previously by other players and that is something we will continue to report to the developers. And even if that doesn't amount to the changes that you and some others would like to see, at least you already have access to an awesome mod that provides you with the gameplay experience that you want! :smile:
  7. Callum

    Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Any plans to patch the broken main build or roll back the stable version of 1.5.10? Just look at the crash report page and it is clear a broken build was rolled out on the last 1.5.10 build update.

    Our support team will be working through the reports and we will fix the issues as soon as possible.

    Patchnotes Pls :party:

    The small patch today was just a possible fix for a MP crash.
  8. Callum

    Please TW give the patchie

    I know things seem a bit slow-moving on the MP front as of late, but I can assure you that we are working hard on some larger updates. More recently, we have been working on some significant combat updates along with new perks and general balancing, which we have been testing with a closed community testing group. We also continue to work on the panned features for MP that we have announced in the Statement regarding plans for MP posts. We just need a little more time to get them ready to go to beta and then live.
  9. Callum

    Kick button

    then why doesn't there's a function to force recall fomation so the ai would stick with players, it seems to me you guys are begging for it smh

    This is precisely what I have suggested internally.
  10. Callum

    Attack by mouse movement

    @Sotaperkele the option you are looking for is called "By Look Direction" as Pejot kindly pointed out, and should be the default setting. :smile:

  11. Callum

    Bannerlord 2 Coop is a must be !!!

    They have not added it yet because they have no intention of adding it ever.

    Who knows what the future might hold? But yeah, don't read too much into that. We certainly don't have any plans to add it to Bannerlord right now.
  12. Callum

    There are probably rural tribes in Africa.....

    that's all I got.

    Then you should have kept it to yourself.
  13. Callum

    Weather Conditions.

    Thanks for all of the comments and ideas on weather effects everyone, we will share them with the team in our feedback report.
  14. Callum

    Suggestions for Development

    Bannerlord is a really great game so far and I am sharing my suggestions because I know it has the potential to be even greater. Some of these suggestions can be easily resolved and others will take more work and time. Following are my suggestions for improvements.
    • Crossbows and javels should have an indefinite aiming time, unlike the current system, which makes sense for bows.
    • All attacking siege camps should have arrow barrels, not just some of them.
    • Displays of money should have commas to help read large sums. For example, 587412369 is much harder to read than 58,741,239.
    • The game should NOT unpause when returning to the overland map. It can be confusing to return to the overland map, especially after not playing for a while, and not be given any time to reorient yourself.
    • Damage should be more consistent. This may involve adjusting the damage equations, or smoothing armor values over the whole body, or reducing the criticality of heads. Similarly, the vulnerability of the head should be applied AFTER armor, NOT before.
    • When damage is taken, especially from ranged attacks, it would be very helpful to indicate the direction the attack came from.
    • PLEASE, change how additional troops enter combat, the teleportation system is VERY FRUSTRATING. Having troops teleport into combat nearly eliminates the advantages of fighting tactically, and often ends up with tactically placed units suddenly becoming flanked or new troops teleporting into the middle of an enemy horde. This can be even more frustrating when troops teleport right onto the hero's location. For field combat, I suggest resolving the combat and then returning to the dialog screen and reassessing how both sides feel about continuing to pursue the battle. For siege combat, I suggest having defenders spawn from the keep door and attackers spawn from a tent or road leading into the map.
    • Include the ability to command troops to STOP setting up ladders (and other siege equipment) during siege combat.
    • Pause the overland game for major announcements, such as the acquisition/loss or a settlement, the capture/death of a notable in your kingdom, or other major events for your kingdom/clan.
    • Prisoners should have a tiered system for recruitment. Prisoners of your own faction should be the easiest to recruit followed by mercenaries, and bandits, then followed by neutral factions, followed by factions you are at war with. The more friendly a faction is towards you the less moral should be lost recruiting them.
    • Being able to repair the damage equipment looted from combat would be nice, but is not necessary.
    • The ability to continue commanding your troops from a companion or high-ranking soldier, when the hero is downed in combat.
    • Ranged troops should be more responsive about returning fire and non-range units should be more responsive about holding up shields and taking evasive action when fired upon. Units in general should be more responsive to snipers.
    • Consider adding more hit points to notable characters, such as bonus hp to characters = Athletics / 10 and bonus hp to horses = Riding / 10.
    • Consider challenging commanders to duals to resolve fights similarly to duals with bandit bosses. It may be that neither side really want to risk losing a lot of troops over some minor resource so a duel between champions could resolve the fight or at least apply heavy moral penalties/bonuses to the fight.
    • Factions besides the player's faction should propose peace/tribute similarly to what the player needs to do to achieve peace. Factions that are losing a war should be willing to accept peace with minimal, if any, gifts/tributes.
    • Just like how to player can see around their own party, they should also be able to see around friendly settlements and parties. It is frustrating knowing that a friendly settlement is under siege but not knowing how strong the attackers are or how many friendly parties are nearby to help.
    • Player vision is impeded by bright/dim light, smoke, and foliage, but NPC vision is not impeded by these things. I do not know the best solution, but it is frustrating to be attacked by troops that I literally cannot see, even when I am looking right at them.
    • NPCs should not walk off cliffs. I know this will be hard to fix, but please, try to eventually fix this pathing issue.
    • More walkways/stairs in settlements should have guard rails.
    • Siege weapons destroyed in tactical combat should remain destroyed even after retreating and resuming combat. The siege weapons should at least be badly damaged in the next combat.
    • As siege weapons are damaged they should have reduced performance, at least in tactical combat.
    • Siege weapons crews should NOT target the locations of friendly troops.
    • Siege weapons crews should NOT target archers behind unbreakable arrow slits that they cannot hit.
    • Horses should only run a short distance after taking damage, not always off the map.
    • Consider having a whistle to call your starting horse to your location.
    • Siege attackers should ALWAYS retreat through the back of the map (or somewhere equivalent); they should NEVER try to retreat through the defender's keep.
    • Consider greater speed reduction to movement while ascending slopes. This will allow people to make better use of the terrain.
    • Being able to buy shops without needing to walk around town would be nice.
    • Invisible walls should be eliminated.
    • Unreachable siege weapon locations should be fixed so that they can be reached by NPCs.
    • While climbing a ladder, it should be possible to make attacks to the sides.
    • Settlements should be more remotely manageable.
    • The ability to pause tactical combat and issue orders would be useful. Also being able to order specific formations to target other specific formations would be useful.
    Again, thanks to all the Tale World crew for Bannerlord. You are doing a great job and I am really looking forward to the full release.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and suggestions with us!

    In future, it would be really helpful if you made individual threads in the Singleplayer Suggestions board for each one of your ideas. This makes it easier for discussions to take place around each of the topics you raised and makes it easier for our team to review and process. Similarly, some of the things you mentioned, like AI walking off cliffs, sound more like bugs and would be welcome in the Technical Support board. Cheers. :smile:
  15. Callum

    Are there any possibles that Minor Clans have their own hideouts/castle?

    If i may: i think what they mean is: will the clans that can get enlisted as mercenaries (i assume those are the minor clans) get their own little hideouts, unique to those clans

    We don't have any plans like that either, but it sounds like it could make for a really cool modding project!
  16. Callum

    Kick button

    Hey, i know you guys dont like rambo but i dont think this is a reason to beign kicked - i wasnt rude, i was active i tried to check if i have chance to win this round because my teammates played really bad and died instantly - thats not my fault, im a player who always wants to win and who try a lot. I won many rounds when i was alone and my enemy had huge adventage - but now people just kick players like me. After 10 min in lobby, waiting for game i just been kicked.

    I think this kick button is negative change. Captain is dead atm, and when ppl are kicked they will resign and this game will be more dead.

    Unfortunately, we can't really police the use of the votekick, and to be honest, I can't blame them for kicking you from the game for ramboing. The game mode is about leading a formation and everything you are doing there goes against that. However, I can't blame you for doing that either because the game encourages it in a way right now.

    With that being said, we will continue to refine Captain mode with the aim of eliminating the causes that lead to players using other features that are there more as a last resort.
  17. Callum

    Are there any possibles that Minor Clans have their own hideouts/castle?

    I'm not sure that I fully understand your question @makibae2k21 but we don't have any plans for anything along the lines of what Ananda_The_Destroyer and archaicwarrior suggested.
  18. Callum

    Forced Balance in Skirmish, Siege and Captains Modes

    My issue with forced team balancing in the way you suggested is that it could split a couple of friends up who are just trying to have a bit of fun and play the game together (as @RitoDurito already pointed out).

    Also, with Skirmish and Captain, part of the idea of those types of game modes is that you try to counter your opponents with each spawn/round. If players were being switched back and forth it would leave little room for any strategy or team play to develop.

    However, I do think in a larger, more casual game mode like Siege, some form of team balancing that takes groups into consideration could be a good idea.
  19. Callum

    What Captain Mode actually needs right now.

    There are a ton of posts about this already. This is not one of those long-winded we want a million new things implemented type of posts. I just want the one thing that would actually make Captain Mode a lot more enjoyable for 90% of the playerbase and that is not allowing people to join it as a clan, against a team of players that are randomly assembled from the pool. We either need to end it being a possibility at all, and save grouping as a clan for the Clan Matches tab that already exists, or create a separate queue for players who like to join as a group where they HAVE to be matched with another group before random players are assigned to each team. This is one of the simplest things that could possibly be implemented, and it would do wonders for the online community if experienced players are not allowed to gang up on inexperienced people who have just purchased the game, making their experience entirely unenjoyable.

    I understand the frustration with solo queuing and getting matched against full premades, it is never fun in any game.

    The way the system currently works is; first it will try to match premades against other premades. After some time, the system will start to lower the requirements to create matches. The issue right now is that the player base simply isn't big enough for this type of matchmaking system to work effectively, meaning premades and solo players are being matched together.

    We've added a suggestion from another thread to our feedback report for a separate solo queue for Skirmish and Captain modes, and we will include this thread as part of that discussion.
  20. Callum

    Add "Horses Killed" to Player Stats

    Haha, what is wrong with you? Those poor horses. :grin:

    We will forward the suggestion to the MP team.
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