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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    Not critsizing, just interesting - why are the patches so huge in size? Like, I've read in the patchnotes that a few more weapons were implemented, but aside that there is only one quest and a lot of tweaks.
    I would also like to know because it feels like downloading many games at once with these huge patches which is great and all but not sure if intentional.
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    I'm just wondering where I can pinpoint all the changes done to Bannerlord right now. Just downloaded about 12+ GB and I normally always keep the game auto-updating. Would be nice to get some clarification or the right thread.
  3. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    Nice, beefy patch Taleworlds! 3.3 GB :party:
  4. What's your favourite weapon?

    I can't find any Jereeds at all otherwise I would post them here as well. Not sure if the beta patches broke it for me when I made a new save ;-;

    Here are some of my favorite weapons (and shield) that I love to use. I like to use one handed swords without utilizing any skillpoints in two-handed and I also prioritize a length of about 114-120 so it's long enough to be used on horseback.

  5. Beta Branch Patch Notes e1.2.0

    Same thing, wondering what the new small update was. This was on the latest beta branch.
  6. Unresolved Family Feud Quest

    Exact same issue here, can easily be reproduced if adjacent villages have notables with the same quest. I am unable to complete the quest for
    Doqa --> Mossom.
  7. Beta Branch e1.1.0

    So how is one suppose to join this beta branch. Will i qualify if i was previously a closed beta tester?
    Right click on Bannerlord - Properties - Choose the option at the bottom.
  8. Patch Notes e1.0.10

    Thank you once again developers! :grin:
  9. Patch Notes e1.0.9

    Good patch, great work as always developers. On the topic of item armors being missing and such, I personally am OK if you implement them even if the saves might not be compatible. This is early access, we should be expected to restart campaigns often.

    Also props, game is a lot more stable now and should be playable for those who were struggling.
  10. Bows are WAY too accurate.

    This and maybe throwing weapons are bit too accurate given low skill level, or at least I can actually use them properly and reliably in contrast to Warband.
  11. Resolved [Bug] Game crash once I start to attack a forest bandit hideout after previously failing the quest.

    Hi, this issue is fixed with the new patches. Can you please check and update me if you still encounter issues with it? You can review the patch notes via the link below.

    Hello, yes this issue as you have said is fixed. I am currently unable to reproduce the bug because my men drag me out each time so I can attack again without problem.

    This can probably be marked as solved.
  12. Patch Notes e1.0.8

    Nice, mercenary work can be more rewarding now.
  13. Please slow down on the patches Taleworlds

    No, these very frequent patches are welcoming. Wait for your mods until after a a month has passed at least or once the developer team start to slow down on the patches and add in new features; which take longer to implement. This is early access, do your modding at your own risk.

    Also like others stated, you can rollback on the versions by going to the game properties in steam and selecting a previous one.
  14. Can you level Leadership without starting an Army?

    I wish Leadership passively increased a smidge every day so long as you have units under your command and increase for every 25 men under your command.

    There are simply too few and too specialized of ways to get certain critical perks currently.
    This is how I wish it was too. If the developers are aware of this issue, they would make it easier to level up leadership and gives us more ways at the same time.
  15. The Fief food dilemma

    This post and issue as a whole needs more attention. I hope a developer can address this situation if they are working/planning on finding solutions.
  16. Patch Notes e1.0.6

    • Fixed “Leadership Disciplinarian”, “Trade Caravanmaster” and “Charm Parade” perks.
    • Added combat skill experience gain for tournaments and practice fights.
    • Added charm skill experience for successful barters.
    • Increased experience gain from successful romance and defection persuasions.

    • “Bushwackers” now use a mix of short and long bows (previously 100% longbows).
    • Lowered the tier of longbows for "Freebooters".
    • Reduced the accuracy of stones.
    • Decreased the damages of crossbows.

    THANK YOU! I can finally get some exp in arenas and tourneys. I wonder if I need to make a new campaign though.
  17. Siege tower AI

    For some reason, I've noticed the ai clumping a bunch behind the tower and then only using maybe 1 ladder in the middle at a time. We need to see the ai make more efficient use of the three ladders connected to the tower. Maybe it's on my end?
  18. [Poll] Should TW release a roadmap?

    They can make one if they want but right now we need about a month so that they can at least fix the most critical bugs/crashes and issues. I am sure they are also working on the new features to be implemented whilst constantly releasing their hotfixes. Give it some time.
  19. Patch Notes e1.0.5

    • Players will now be able to join a kingdom if they are at war with a faction that has been weakened almost to the point of destruction.
    • Snowball effect developments: clans now no longer want to defect to kingdoms which captured their settlements earlier in a campaign. AI defection calculation now cares about relations much more and new ways to lose relations have been added. If a party besieges a settlement, the army leader will lose relation with the settlement owner. Also, after a successful siege, there is a secondary relation loss between both the settlement owner and the aggressor’s faction leader.

    Amazing, thank you for your continuous development at addressing the issues in Bannerlord! (y)
  20. My thoughts on the Faction Snowball effect. Campaigns should go on forever!

    Day 246

    This was my second campaign that I am playing since the launch date, I poured many hours into it. Battania destroyed the Western Empire and has made peace with the Northern and Southern Empires. They turned their attention towards waging war on Vlandia, the Khuziats strangely, and now the Aserai.

    The Southern Empire was previously at peace with everyone but now on attack against the Khuziat, my character joined the Empress to initially curb the onslaught of Battania and because Sturgian nobles kept being taken prisoner by bandits and looters. Originally he was supposed to become a vassal for Sturgia because of his background.

    Meanwhile the Northern Empire is at peace, and I foresee both Vlandia and Aserai to be taken over by the Battanians in the next 100 days.

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