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  1. socks

    ELO ratings and autobalance in Multiplayer

    I suggest that an ELO system and autobalance be implemented in multiplayer, especially for battle servers. I know this game is on its way out with Bannerlord coming out soon but this would a nice legacy update that would make multiplayer more playable. I suggest the system Quake Live uses be...
  2. socks

    Adding custom items to my mod - texture not found

    I'm making a personal mod where among other things I replace native's equipment with 1257AD stuff. But on my test material, blue_hose_mod, I realized that the feet were missing. It seems that blue_hose_mod incorporates two different models, leather_boots_a and poulaines...
  3. socks

    Microphone not working

    I have a Sennheiser PC 151 and its microphone has recently stopped working. I have Windows 7. According to troubleshooting and the properties setting of the sound menu there isn't a problem, but as you can see in the screencap (by the empty bars to the right) the microphone is receiving no...
  4. socks

    Wireless mouse lagging

    edit: nevermind, please delete
  5. socks

    Decent books on the migration->medieval periods

    I know, there's a section of the AC called 'Music, books, and art', but since I'm looking for a history oriented book, I figured it'd be more appropriate to ask you guys. Does anyone know of any decent books covering the mentioned period? Christmas is coming up, my family members have no clue...
  6. socks

    Two profiles with the same name: causes mass crashing.

    I made two multiplayer profiles with the same name for the cRPG mod. After doing this, when I connected to the cRPG server with either profile the game would crash; when I used a different profile and connected to the cRPG server, it crashed as well. So I gave up on cRPG and tried joining a...
  7. socks

    Prospective US Campaign

    This and the Oceanic campaign have inspired me far enough that I think there should be a US equivalent. We have enough clans [the Hoboknights, nK, POM, HBS, DoF, PRT, to name but a few]. My idea for how the campaign map would work would be dividing a drawn map up into a number of provinces, each...
  8. socks

    Fundamental reworking of the character creation system

    I noticed that you're now able to choose which nation your character spawns in. This gave me an idea. The choices would go like this: Gender: Birthplace [one of the factions]: Father's Occupation: Youth: Occupation: Reason for Adventuring: The birthplace is obviously the main new thing here...
  9. socks

    Random Maps

    At the moment random plains can range from a flat forest to a mountain range. If you're very lucky, you'll get a wide, open, flat, expanse, that actually resembles a plain. Could random maps please be made more dedicated? I'd like it if random plains was almost always the aforementioned plains...
  10. socks

    Who are the Rhodoks?

    It's generally agreed on what the real-life analogues of the other factions are - Swadia is a typical Western European heavy cavalry-based nation, such as France or Germany, Nords are Scandinavia [albeit several centuries techwise behind any of the other factions, for some reason], Vaegirs are...
  11. socks

    [Suggestion] factional item shops

    While the current basically random item system worked fine in 1.011, with the recent influx of factional items, I don't really think it's working. What I mean is finding 'Vaegir Elite Armor' in a Rhodoks shop, or a 'Sarranid Arming Sword' in Tihr. For one thing, it's stupid in principle, and for...
  12. socks

    The Tale of Magnus

    Magnus of Haen's father was a veteran warrior, but at first the son did not take up that trade; he was a craftman's apprentice, and worked as a smith. However, he became disillusioned with the craft and eventually developed a rare streak of wanderlust. So, he set out from his native village of...
  13. socks

    [suggestions] a few more

    NEW GAMEMODE: map creating. Basically players can open up a blank map and create a map together. No killing allowed. Pretty self explanatory. CASTLE 2: olo and I were exploring around castle 2 and we realized that it is very large, in-depth, and has a lot of work put into it. Problem is, only a...
  14. socks


    I keep getting "invalid syntax" messages with the module system whenever I try to compile it. There are no apparent problems, and it happens seemingly randomly in places I haven't touched in multiple files; so far, module_troops and module_party_templates. SyntaxError: invalid syntax Traceback...
  15. socks

    [Suggestion] a few

    ASSASSINS GAMEMODE: just a thought I had the other day. This would need a new map, like village except larger. Maybe a snowy town. Anyway, it would be populated with large amounts of ai townfolk like in native [except much more]. A random player would be picked as a "target", and several others...
  16. socks


    This subject has been broached many times before, and each time has come to no satisfactory conclusion. With that in mind, I'm trying myself. I used to like Nords, before I learned of the excessive fanboyism that is inherent in them. There are even clans dedicated to them. No wonder they're so...
  17. socks

    The Coppers' Guild

    The Coppers' Guild, or popos, was formed by myself with the assistance of my fellow HOBOSQUIRE, Arch, in response to the rampant violation of the unwritten dueling codes; that no ranged weapons or cavalry are allowed. Frequently duelers are interrupted by an arrow or a lance in the back, and...
  18. socks

    [Suggestion] Seeing banners through land

    This should be pretty self-explanatory. If there is a hill between you and a teammate, you could still see their banner and thus know where they are. Thoughts? EDIT: for that matter, through walls/buildings, as well.
  19. socks

    [Suggestion] Boxing mode

    I'm sure you've all seen boxing [naked players punching and kicking eachother] in WB before, and I myself enjoy it quite a lot. However, players who don't want to box commonly shoot or kill the boxers with weapons and I can't think of a way to stop them other than making a designated gamemode...
  20. socks

    Twohanders overpowered?

    I searched and, much to my surprise, I didn't find a topic about this. If there is one, please link it and ignore this thread. Otherwise; 2hs can kill horses with a single blow can kill people with a single blow can break shields with a single blow are very fast are extremely easy to use...
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