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  1. do I keep vassals from leaving my liege?

    Hi. First of all, I'm a longtime lurker, rare poster.  (for tl;dr, King Ragnar can only keep like 16 vassals while our enemies have 30 or so.  I'm finding it extremely difficult to do anything when I have so little military support.  Is there anything I can do to keep vassals from leaving?) I'm...
  2. A new companion mod is compatible with Diplomacy

    This is a brand new mod that adds a bunch of powerful companions to the game - it's meant for late-games when you need lords and such to recruit as vassals.  The author made it compatible with Diplomacy 2.8, anyway check it out:,129012.0.html
  3. Battlesizer mod compatible?

    Is the battlesizer mod compatible with Diplomacy?  Or, better yet, is it compatible with Diplomacy and Pike/Blade?
  4. Post-battle XP and Renown for Siege Defense

    I believe that you should receive post-battle XP and renown after a successful siege defense--or, rather, after successfully fending off a wave.  I recognize that siege defense is infinitely easier than siege assault, so in respect to this, the received XP and renown should be lowered to about...
  5. What are the Armor and Weapon Tiers?

    Or, could someone just list the best type of armor/weapon per each set?  IE Lordly for Helmets and Armor, Masterwork for Bows and Crossbows... Also, just curious what you guys think the best looking high-tier armor is?  The Plate Armor looks horrible to me and I tend to like the Heraldic Mail...
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