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  1. So... How is Taleworlds getting away with this?

    To judge the game you must play the game, to play the game you must buy the game.

    You've spent 3 hours on the forums, I can assure you, you haven't the slightest clue the effort the community on the forums have put towards helping improve the game, there's been two years worth of threads since the closed beta talking about every single issue in detail and still TW's fail to fix the fundamental issues.

    I beg you shut up with your uneducated obnoxiousness and understand the people on this forums have contributed to this game far more than you ever will.
    Bruh, I've been playing this game since M&B 0.5 something something. This is not my first account, some fascist mod in the Turkish forums (IF ANY MOD IS READING THIS, I'D LOVE TO HAVE MY ANCIENT ACCOUNT RESTORED IF POSSIBLE, because it was banned for political reasons) banned it for my political views years ago. I've been involved since like 2006-7.

    I re-created an account just for this game to re-participate on the forums and all I found here are a ton of toxic, fatalistic, useless posts that are more concerned about insulting the team.
  2. Is the Forum a pit of disappointment? Yes it is :]

    Wise words, how dare people speak their minds on a forum dubbed 'General Discussion'. Such insolence!

    Incredible, the very definition of a bootlicker. You are implying that if you and your faction of 'defenders' stop defending this game, you will lose all purpose in life. How about instead of defending, tell them what they did right and where they can improve? That's what has been done for the past years on this forum. More and more people are realizing how empty this game will turn out to be, not because their minds were made upon release, but because of the progress that has been made since release.

    The fact that you consider 'TW defenders' as a group is comical. We are all on the same side, wanting the game to be better. At least, that was my impression, people being frustrated at TW is simply out of passion for the M&B series. You, however... well, you're on your knees licking their boots, for what? You clearly don't want the game to improve, so why don't YOU go live your life instead of defending a company that will never give you the light of day.
    Does this look to you like constructive criticism? All I see is entitled brats complaining despite the TW obviously working to improve the game.

    The complaints here are at an hilarious level and I'd honestly have them refund you and ban you from these forums.
    Many people DO contribute constructive criticism, try to help with the process of development, give out ideas and even coding aid.
    What do people like you do?

    Complain about TW scamming us, not doing anything...etc.
  3. Is the Forum a pit of disappointment? Yes it is :]

    8 years of development and 1 year in EA and people still defend this game. I could understand if it was 3 years or something but come one. They have had nearly a decade. A decade worth of mods and other games in the series to pull from. They deserve the negativity and insults.
    Okay, so what will happen if we do not defend the game? What do you want us to do? Pack up and leave? Thats the most you can try it maybe? Go and live your life and stop complaining about the game? I am sure you wasted your dollars on something in your life before, so consider this one of those and stop taking unnecessary space here?
  4. What happened to the promised follow-up post for future plans?

    For wanting what we were promised? That we paid money for?
    If you want a guaranteed return to your investments go buy a US 10 year sovereign bond.

    This is game development and plans can miss deadlines, or be scrapped. This is an EA game and buyers were WARNED as to what can happen. From a consumer's right perspective too, you were simply funding the development of a game no one knew the end result for.

    So grow a pair and be adults, get a life for yourselves and stop ruining the game's community with childish toxicity.

    I am not even here to say I am rather happy with how things are going. I just think there is something fundamentally wrong with the sense of entitlement people seems to have.
  5. So... How is Taleworlds getting away with this?

    Hey man, were you forced to buy an EA game?

    If you don't like the game, don't buy it.
    Are you an adult capable of making your own judgement? Then what is the point of this post?
    What constructive critique are you bringing here?

    Seriously, the forums need an age limit. The toxicity that is in the forums is at a crazy level and hurts any form of constructive dialogue. This sense of entitlement these people have is crazy to me....
    Don't you guys have a life?
  6. please taleworlds adopt the bannerlord online mode

    I think it should be plan down the line - but for now they should improve on vanilla game and moddability- creating a strong foundation. People will play this game for a decade anyways
  7. City Builder Aspects-Tools?!

    Hey, I know this is a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar fetched scenario for the game, at least for now hopefully...but I was looking at the camera mod that allows for Total War style gameplay, and then I saw how accessible and easy the mod tools were being made... It seemed to me like those mod tools...
  8. Engaging and player-driven village, city, castle, and keep scenes: Your ideas?

    Amazing ideas! There can be various things like you explained and these can be used to "improve relations" with the village-castle-towns, so they would make sense from a strategic perspective too.

    Using various skills to do usefull activities for people, improving relations such as helping with medicine, engineering, managements...etc.

    I too hope for a game where you can have 12 character elite companions and still have a lot of fun instead of going around with an army. I get this feeling whenever I play battle brothers :grin:
  9. Feedback Regarding Armor/Weapon Realism

    You're talking full plate when the coat of plates worn over chainmail wasn't even introduced yet in this time-period -- that's 14th-century.

    Do the people arguing their armour should be treated as full plate not realize that their characters are not even depicted as wearing full plate?

    Actually, a proper chainmail with all the other components underneath it etc is quite strong against cut damage and arrows from distance.
    Full plate is almost invincible against arrows.

    The damage that goes can both be handled through RNG with chainmail getting more damage and the non-existent plate (in game) less damage.

    During this time period a fully armored knight in extensive chainmail should still be protected quite well.

    I don't know the physics modelling of the game, but the distance the arrow is coming from being calculated in would be amazing. Or a luck factor on how badly the character can be damaged underneath the mail (as in hits sometimes overcoming "armor" protection) - but I do not know the details of the calcuation .

    I'm sure people will balance it eventually :razz: I just hope that the vanilla also gets into this to an extend.
  10. Feedback Regarding Armor/Weapon Realism

    I think there needs to be a bit of an RNG factor when it comes to heaviest armors vs projectiles.
    The blunt vs cut vs pierce differences should be emphasized as armors get heavier.

    I remember an old mod from mount and blade that did this perfectly, the 1257 mod that was BEFORE warband era.
    There, the armored knigts would either get no damage or 1-2 damage through cut weapons and arrows.

    While this might be extreme, I think the game needs to have a luck factor for "penetration" to model this for heavier armors unless it is dealing with blunt force.
  11. Engaging and player-driven village, city, castle, and keep scenes: Your ideas?

    I think they can also beef up something about economy and crafting. You can take active role in city economy, have skills related to production, crafting, management...etc.

    This is a dream of mine too. This game cannot go wrong with going further into RPG style.
    It will only expand its potential further.

    Another amazing aspect of open-world RPGs is world exploration and travelling. This is quite difficult with MB as the scenes feel like momentary distractions rather than an alive world. But I hope the game's development can open up new potentials in this area.

    Something that will give you a sense of travelling and exploration.
  12. Bannerlord Wishlist

    A more complex crafting system that goes beyond weapons, a system where player can engage in production of goods and invest in production chains.
    Something along this line to improve a trader character and a deeper economics system would open up a lot of things in this game.
  13. Nord culture in parts of Sturgia?

    Hey, I know such issues are faaaaaar from being a priority right now with many features being implemented. I am sure that modders will also change a lot of things on the game's settiing anyways. But I was thinking, why not include a "Nord" cultural region revolving around one city with Nord...
  14. I simply don't want to play the game and that's sad.

    So what are the list of things you want besides the village-castle transformation that you believe will not be added?
  15. Complete lack of Immersion

    >Calling people toxic for being a bit sarcastic about the state of the game
    >"Early Access"
    >"Be more constructive"
    >"Shouldnt have bought the game then"

    I swear, every single thread has a post just like this. Like down to the exact wording and formatting and everything. It's surreal. Genuine question, are you over 40?

    No. Jeez, it was a sarcastic post? I did not go through the whole of it. I read a bunch of posts where people were just crying and was a bit shocked tbh.

    And I mean, to anyone who does not like the game, naturally anyone should come up with the early access card. It is EA, read reviews, it is a free market. You can watch whole campaigns all over the internet even. I don't know why people act like they do not know what they are getting into. The game has amazing potential, so stop demotivating the developers and give them something to work with. That is my opinion. I am 10 years below 40.
  16. Resolved [1.4.3 Beta - Vanilla] - Some Problems in the Clan UI After 8 In-Game Years


    I see that the family member issue is solved in the latest hotfix.

    I also want to give an update on a UI problem.
    So when my character is part of the party, if you give him a role, and then send him of to govern fief, he does not lose his role status. This means that you cannot see that role to give to someone else in the party when that character is away.
    When I took the character back, his role was still assigned to him.

    This is not a crazy bug, but it is something that might be worth fixing: When you assign a character to be a governor; the character should lose its role in the party.
  17. Complete lack of Immersion

    Is the TW forums always this toxic?

    It is a game in early access and it can go a ton of ways over the years in its development cycle. What the hell is wrong with you guys? I keep reading these toxic childish posts everywhere. What is the point of these posts? Is this your crying corner? Do you have a constructive thing to say?
    If not, well then you made a mistake in buying the game. Next time, be careful in buying a game and get a life.

    I don't understand what you want. Do you want us to go and assasinate the devs? Do you want us all to cry together over your dissapointment?
  18. Should I start a new beta 1.4.3 playthrough now?

    I would suggest to wait for a bit as there might be some minor bugs with the UI with regards to appointment of roles to characters. At least that had been my experience and I've seen it reported by others as well .It is not a major gamebreaking bug, but for the mid-late game it will definetly be a let down if you cannot make your awesome brother a party leader after he once gets captured&released.

    In terms of balance of game, it seems a ton better now.
  19. Something is rotten in Calradia

    Best argument!

    But if I don´t buy and play it, how can I know that Bannerlord is "bad"? Seems legit.
    What do you want? If you didn't like it, too bad, it is a bad investment. Go write a bad review on steam so others do not buy it.
    We are not here to share how sucky the game is.
    It is one thing to contribute to community, another to be a toxic spoiled kid.
  20. Something is rotten in Calradia

    Jesus christ. I have been away from the forums for ages, but I can't believe how spoiled people are. There is so much negative feedback. Do not buy, do not play if you don't like it.

    What is with the whole negativity? If you have something to contribute, go ahead and suggest. Why try to break the dev's morale? What is the point of this toxicity?
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