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  1. Auto-block in singleplayer

    Well personally, when I got to the last match in a Tournament and got my shield splintered with an axe, I was quite happy to just be able to time the block input appropriately with my enemy's attack timing, instead of suddenly needing to match direction as well as timing. It's a definite quality of life upgrade to have autoblock. And let's not kid ourselves, most of the "blocking" people are doing without autoblock enabled is simple avoidance or preemptive attack. I don't think most people really try to "block every single incoming attack", though I'm sure there are some people in MP that can do that perfectly, it is rather difficult to match not only the direction of an enemies attack as well as the appropriate timing within a fraction of a second, and that's just 1 v 1. I think we can all agree that as awesome as it is to become good enough to be a melee god and never get scratched even while armed with just a knife, it really just makes sense to bring back autoblock. I think what meager stat changes you allege them to possibly bring about because of autoblock would be an alright sacrifice for you to make considering you made the sacrifice already in Warband.

    Lmao I can block every hit easy.
  2. Auto-block in singleplayer

    I mean there's no point not offering autoblock. If people just want an easy casual experience why not. They're missing out though.
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