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  1. Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    Idk wtf is going on the all the textures in the castle not loading and I deleted the old perisno folder and unzipped a fresh one. idk ima go reinstall warband
  2. Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    On the newest game crashes like every 3 hours with that message and some weird file loading issue. Also is the Aegis shield supposed to not have a wooden backside anymore? Idk what are all these weird issues I am having.It seems to be crashing with the first error message like every 3 sieges or special zones needing to be loaded besides taverns and some others.

    EDIT: New error message and the crashing is betting progressively worse and worse. I cannot play 1 hour without crash at this point. I took a town then talked to a enemy lord and lastly tried to help a friendly lord in battle and then crashed when I "charged the enemy". I validated files on steam idk the mod or is it the save file. idk crashes also happening on the too
  3. Fun Things To Exploi-- Do

    But you would agree that its a good fodder for a first town or castle right? I just did it after the Zann took Galwe and I took it back when they only put in 180 troops. They never came to siege it when I put in 4k slaves. Also as a vassal am I supposed to have a constable, high marshal, chancellor, and spy master? I thought a king is supposed to have it. One last thing, in your save game does the Zann self implode like 2 of the original lords are just gone so that means they lose pretty big part of their fighting strength and spearheads. Like for me Sung Wu and Atilia defected.
  4. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Is it a bug that when I am a vassal of the Reich and I obtained Galwe and got the spy master and high marshal? The marshal calls me a king. I just got a chancellor even though I am still a vassal and am able to select a culture but I don't think it does anything.
  5. Fun Things To Exploi-- Do

    Quick Question: what is stopping you from putting 5000 slaves from the slave trader into a fief? only 1500 money for 50
  6. Unresolved Sound amplification/ sound normalization issues.

    Like I stated in the title there is some sound issues that only affect combat and movement sounds such as drawing the sword, walking on wood in the tavern, swinging weapons, horse sounds, and etc. Those sounds that I just listed are way louder than they should be compared to the menu button...
  7. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Idk my sound is so messed up is there any chance that the download got corrupted or something like that during the unzipping also
    EDIT: actually i have no clue even the base native game im having sound normalization issues. I tried verifying the files too
  8. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    So I just downloaded a fresh copy of warband and newest version of perisno and for some reason the sound is alittle off like its kinda sounds echo like as if its in a small room and the sound is echoing. It seems to be only the ingame sounds not the music and the combat sounds like attacking and stuff is way louder than the menu sounds.
    EDIT: I have found the issue with the sound. Its razer surround sound somehow amplifying and adding echo to movement and combat sounds only idk why. I can't find a option to disable it from doing that besides just disabling surround sound.

    Is there a way to change specific volumes?

    Is the fountain guard armor main chest part supposed to be texture less? For me its just a shiny piece of metal.

    Also why are night scenes so much darker? Has it always been like this like before I never just played Perisno by itself and graphics would be changed from the nova aetes mod and never fixed. My screen shot from from older version.

    One last thing what does the endless sieges option in the game options do?
  9. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Can you pc even handle that??
    I think so? I have a ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ram, and 1050ti but I am not sure if I am confusing this mod for another mod.
  10. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    I haven't played since 0.9. What happened to the large battles that used to cap like 500 and why is it limited to 378 or am I miss remembering? Also is it not recommended that I try and edit the file and make the battle size 500?
  11. Resolved Can't have any kids , even if doing everything right.

    I'm not sure, that's not what I'm seeing in my game. I'm playing e1.5.2 and my wife got pregnant and gave birth to child just fine. Not that it isn't broken for some people, but it's definitely not broken for everyone.
    Is this before you finish the sibiling quest where you go to the hideout to save your brother? Also is your game modded at all and was the date of birth for that child about 36 days for base pregnancy days?

    While I was testing I left the game running for a while after I used a command to conceive a child and wasn't able to catch the time it took for her to give birth as the time stamps for when she got pregnant are gone. The last recorded time she got pregnant I saw was Autumn 12, 1085 and this is a vanilla game.
  12. Need More Info recent 1.4.2 update decreased performance for 1050 ti maxing out gpu?

    From 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 was the big fps issues that came with the gpu 99% usage.
  13. Need More Info recent 1.4.2 update decreased performance for 1050 ti maxing out gpu?

    There is a change the fps has dropped significantly. In the 1k person battles fps drops to almost zero and the game starts to freeze. Before in 1k person battles I would usually get 50-60 fps now it drops to near freezing and 30fps.
  14. Need More Info recent 1.4.2 update decreased performance for 1050 ti maxing out gpu?

    As the title said I recently updated the game to the newest beta patch and I have noticed that my gpu gets maxed out at 99% in a 1k person battle with low settings. Before this update it was completely fine.
  15. Perisno 1.0 - Main Thread | V1.001: 4-8-2020

    Is the spear for the perisno squire crouchable? I like the changes done to the perisno noble line.
  16. [QUESTIONS] Quick Questions//Quick Answers (Redux)

    Is the ammo reduction in sally outs randomized?
  17. [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.9

    Not sure if this is a bug but I cannot find where Bernard is. I referenced a picture of where Bernard should be and he isn't next to the bush. 3.9.5
  18. [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.9

    I don't know if it has been addessed but lord of enemy factions get stuck in their captial becuse they have no money and not enough troops. Perhaps add a mechanic were they are given money and troops after like a month or two of being stuck in the fief.
  19. Discussion + Suggestions

    Will the gelderian nobles be changed since they are kinda the replacement to the old 0.7 perisno noble line(I think it was 0.7 were the perisno squires were very numerous and very effective shock cavalry and around the time were the zann changes were they did not have the spearheads system).
  20. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Any way to port CKO to other fiefs?
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