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  1. Having trouble getting mods to work

    Hi guys, I've been faffing most of the evening trying to get a bunch of mods to work nicely with each other before starting a new game. I managed to get past the immediate crashes to desktop but now I'm getting them when trying to start a new campaign. Can anyone help?
  2. How to play a previous version?

    I'm currently up to date with 1.0.10, however this patch has caused me some issues and the game ran well on 1.0.9. Is there a way to go back and play 1.0.9 or am I stuck?
  3. Will we still be seeing minor patches before 1.1.0 officially releases?

    Just curious to see if they'll be implementing some of the things from 1.1.0 or perhaps other smaller details and fixes that they've tested before 1.1.0 actually drops. As of right now (1.0.10) the game is really hard to play for me due to some performance problems that occurred from the...
  4. Unresolved Audio issues in battle

    I'm not sure if it's linked to new troops spawning into the map/battle, but occasionally some of the weapon hitting audio sounds disappear or bug out and delay themselves. Seems to work fine until about 5 minutes into the fight from when it comes and goes. Could be related to stuttering in...
  5. When do factions actually get destroyed?

    Atm the only 2 factions with any fiefs are Vlandia and the Khuzait, for some reason the Battanians still have about 8 clans, same as the sturgians and aserai. The only factions that actually "gave up" so to speak were the empire factions and they spread themselves amongst the other factions. Is...
  6. Stop/slow/limit Lord and clan defections

    Whilst Lord defections are a part of the game and you try to win over lords to your kingdom, I've been playing as Battania about 300+ days in and Lords and clans just seem to come and go as they please. One day they'll be with us, the next day they'll have switched sides etc etc. There needs to...
  7. Bug: Convincing Lords

    I encountered it while playing as Battania, I convinced a Vlandian Lord to join Battania after she'd engaged me, I have a feeling this is what broke. She constantly kept trying to talk with me and I couldn't get away, had to reload an earlier save.
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