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  1. Skatan

    In Progress Formations suddenly stopped working

    Hello A few threads in a row for me, sorry for that, but they are with different topics. So today playing 1.4.2. beta I suddenly and unexpectedly encountered that my army could no longer shield wall. Never happened before. I happened after a few hours of gaming. I made an army using my clan...
  2. Skatan

    Resolved Wife can't concieve

    Hello, So my wife in this playthrough can't conceive, which I've read can happen. However, my problem seem deeper than that. I've read in other posts some ppl think relations is needed and suggested playing board games to raise it. My wife is never spawned in my keep ( I only own castles, not...
  3. Skatan

    Recruiting non-faction troops

    Hello all, I've searched the forums but couldn't find a topic about this. If there is already, I'd appreciate a link. So, I've played around 200 hours of mostly un/semi-modded BL now and most of those hours over about 3-4 main playthroughs. One thing I've contemplated a lot is whether or not...
  4. Skatan

    Skill leveling while waiting mechanic

    Since the skill leveling is quite a grind currently, I was thinking that it would potentially be good to have a mechanic that let's your character passively grind a mechanic while you use "wait here". If you're in a town or castle you own, you would be able to choose, but if you are in a village...
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