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  1. Hello, can you tell me what this symbol means?

    You can see the meaning of these symbols under settings --> gameplay. This particular icon means packet loss
  2. Servers garbage again?

    Okay I wanted to make a new thread about ping issues but will just write here:
    Normally I should have around 35-45 ping on EU servers (posting from Hungary) with my ethernet cable connected. This ping is completely acceptable for me, got used to it to be honest, but lately I am getting abnormal pings of 90-100, greatly reducing the enjoyability of multiplayer (I do not play singleplayer until full release). I did several speed tests in these period, where I found that the mbps/s did not change at all, so it must be the servers. Please fix this issue Taleworlds, it is really annoying to have such a bad ping on EU servers in the heart of Europe...
  3. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Now FPS drops. 1.5.8 was better performace
    Same here
  4. Current patch unplayable

    Tried to play some skirmish with the clan, server crashed 3 out of 3 tries on the first round
  5. Throwing Meta is Ruining the Game

    Throwing weapons in general should deal less damage for heavy-armored troops in general. The other mechanic that needs to be fixed is the kick-throw exploit:
    - You approach an enemy with your shields up to not get damaged by his throwing spear / pilum --> Enemy kicks --> you get the "getting kicked" animation --> while your character is stuck in the animation, the enemy casually throws the spear / pilum in your head, resulting in instant death no matter what you are wearing.
  6. the new death in battle sucks

    Currently I am playing 1.5.6 because of mod compatibility, here is my experience with enabled death:
    - I do not really care when a companion dies in the battle, as I can quickly replace him by another tavern dude with the same skills. Until companions remain general and not unique, their death will not make me reload
    - AI lords dying really adds to the game, they are not just permanent units that can only be knocked out. However, their occasional death do influence the game:
    1) A dead AI lord means a decrease in manpower of the kingdom, therefore losing one of them equals to a permanent loss of ~ 100 soldiers.
    2) For some reason, lords are much more likely to die during big battles between armies. Whenever I create an army and siege / battle with another army, there is always a guaranteed death. In my most recent battle, that was a phyric victory, I had 800 troops against 1000 better ones quality wise. Although I managed to win the battle with tactics, the final report was bittersweet:
    * One of my companion died, no big deal
    * 3 lords in my army perished
    * My freaking wife died
    * However, none of the enemy lords died...
    And this was just 1 battle between armies, I suspect my faction already lost like 5 lords in this war so far
    - The death system will be nerfed for sure, but I just hope the devs will find the sweet balance between children growing up & AI lords dying in battle / of old age :smile:
  7. Which factions has the best type of units?

    Has anyone tried out Khuzait or Aserai infantry much? I'm curious on how they are for my next playthrough and haven't fought them much this one.

    Also, does anyone use 2h troops? Are they worth grabbing and sticking in their own formation?

    In my campaign I sided with the Kuzaits and fought many battles against the Aserai so I can give you some feedback. Khuzait infantry tend to specialise in spears, which is not as effective as other nation's infantry in the current build of the game. They are good for holding the ground against the enemy until your lancers flank the enemy infantry either from the sides or from behind, however I would not consider Khuzati infantry the backbone of my army. As it goes with each faction, you have to take advantage the strengths of your chosen nation, therefore my tip is the following: With your Khuzait army, at least 40-50% should be horsemen. 15-20 horse archers can do a decent job when you let them, an additional 25 but preferably 30-35-40 lancers can give you the much needed upper hand in the battles. Khuzait archers also do a decent job so just put them behind the infantry.
    Aserai has better infantry than Khuzaits, you can either recruit mameluke axemen that can nicely chop enemy units into pieces but are weak against enemy range troops or you can stick with aserai infantry that come with shields which are always good to have in sieges or in field battles. In case you decide to side with the Aserai and you go to war against Khuzaits, you should counter their horde with a solid archer - mameluke combo with some aserai infantry to protect your archers.
    But in either case if you get awarded with territories that are not core for your faction's culture is, you can create a much more versatile army. For example, I own 1 former empire city and 3 former empire castles, therefore recently I tend to stick with a hybrid Khuzait-Empire army composition. With empire troops you are able to get a decent infantry line, not to mention their crossbowmen / palatine guards which are just amazing in their ability of wrecking the enemy. For cavalry I explicitly use Khuzait lancers and sometimes empire horsemen when I have the chance to recruit them, but horse archers are explicitly from the Khuzait. This army composition works for me the best so far
  8. Bug that gets you huge amounts of charm.

    Thank for the exploit, I can't level Charm anyway unless my party doesn't have food and I choose the first option when my Companions complain about it. Nothing else levels up my charm, even when fully focused.
    This is a good exploit to use until it gets fixed. If I remember correctly, Family Feud village quest also gives you charm if you are able to convince the guy to not to attack the one you are supposed to protect. I am not sure but probably the noble quest of Company of Trouble will also give you charm, but I believe more quests will be added in the following weeks/months so there will be more option to level this skill up.
  9. Here's why you're not getting that castle.

    In my current playthrough I was only awarded castles twice, both of them were deep in enemy territory at that time so there was absolutely 0 chance to defend them. In addition, now that I became stronger and participate in sieges or even siege alone, my name is always on the list of candidates, but I never gain a fief recently. I read that most likely those vassals will get them who have a fief closer to the recently conquered settlement. The problem is that 2 former Empire vassals (both tier 5 clan) and my "beloved" khan Monchug owes everything in the newly conquered lands, and the settlements got assigned to one of the 3, but not me despite having literally 0 fiefs.
    In addition, Monchug started to act like an Emperor, every time when there is a council which would strengthen his positions or the positions of the tier 5 clans, the outcome will be in his favour and in the favour of tier 5 clans. Since I always vote against his crazy ideas, I reached the point where I have -30 relationship with his the idea of defecting his khanate seems pretty attractive to me, heck I am even thinking about joining another faction just to be the enemy of Monchug... in case I get lucky, I could capture and execute this greedy despot :grin:
  10. Character import


    Until developers do not implement this method, you can use this mod:
    It basically allows you to export your character from 1 savefile to another. Works when you want to start a new campaign as well. All your money will be imported as well, so if you want to start a new game from the beginning but with your already hard-earned stats from your recent character, I suggest you to donate all or a part of your money in the "old save" to a NPC lord.
  11. After modding the game, my playthroughs are 500% more enjoyable. Give it a go boys.

    but u can tranfer money and clan tier too?

    Only money :smile: But I donated all my money from the savefile I wanted to export the character since it would take away the challenge of early game. So far the imported character works great, no crashed associated with it!
  12. Battle Continuation suggestion

    Hello there fellow "prisoners" of Bannerlord and developers! I suggest the following: Make your companions lieutenants in the army, which would allow you to basically control one of them after the commander - main character - is knocked unconscious during the battle. This trend should continue...
  13. After modding the game, my playthroughs are 500% more enjoyable. Give it a go boys.

    So far I have only used one mod, the one that allows to import your skills from one save to another. Basically due to the snowballing effect there was no chance against the empire, + I had more than 1 million denars and the best equipment so there was nothing much to do other than fighting endless battle against an enemy that just steamrolls everything. So I imported my skills (and no money) from my character to a new campaign, so far I am satisfied with it.
  14. Workshops broke again?

    Hey guys! After the recent patch I also loaded my last savegame. For me is the issue the same, wood workshop seems to have a "littbe bit" more income than others, namely I got 89000 every day from it. Hope it will be fixed!
  15. Dev Blog 19/04/18

    I hope there will be a blog about range weapons with the intriguing facts such as:
    1) Bows are great in terms of their speed
    2) Crossbows have the advantage of being more devestating than bows, but they are also slower to load
    3) Javelins/ throwing axes/ daggers are a great way to weaken the enemy before charging in
    4) Stones are used by peasants when they are not harvesting

    Cant wait for the next blog  :oops:
  16. Raise the price.

    I believe when Bannerlord comes out, it will be around €40, which is a reasonable price for a company like Taleworlds (because they are not so well-known). If they decide to sell it for €60, the number of potential customers would also fall. Now I talk about the broad range of potential gamers, not the fellow Mount&Blade fanboys :grin: .A relatively high price requires (amongst many) an expensive marketing strategy and a powerful name/brand. In case the release would result in a "blockbuster", Taleworlds can easily achieve the same as CD Projekt Red accomplished with their infamous monster-slaying game. I think a good strategy for expanding the company would be to focus on the DLC-s and implement a more advanced mod-supporting system after finishing Bannerlord.
    It is true that the company is unique in its scope but competitors would enter the market when they realise that there is a high demand for this kind of games. To sum up, an unusually high price would not really bring success and fame for the company.
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