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  1. Noble Genocide

    That's all strict statistic, in fact nobles die very rare in my playthroughs. Even in sieges, where lords die more often
    then you are lucky. in my experience at least one lord dies in large battles (800+ total troops in the battlefield)
  2. Noble Genocide

    OMG, 2%? That's critically low, why would ever have this feature if lords will be almost immortal again?
    i don't think so. @SadShogun said auto-resolves will result in death now. think of it as rather than the players killing up to 10% of lords (per battle!) with lords hardly dying otherwise, all lords have a small chance of dying all from battles around the map as suppose to only around where the player is. I know 2% is small, but it's PER battle. factions is almost always in war with one another and go through at least least a few dozen battles + sieges + raids by the end of it. anymore than 2% could result in factions committing self-genocide.
  3. vassals voted for someone they hate to be their ruler... is this a bug?

    I talked about wanting to be ruler in the tread Should I assassinate My Liege? in the end I didn't have to do anything like that because the old ruler soon died of old age. the pop-up appeared to decide the next ruler and... they don't want me; not even one voted for me. instead, they...
  4. Faction Chokepoint Castles

    I think this concept is very good and can relieve pressure off the player from babysitting their vassals.

    but what if a neutral party wants in? Well, it would depend on the size of the party so a big party (say around 80-100+ men) wouldn't be able to enter even if neutral, otherwise a player can go to another faction's territory and just besiege a city without ever engaging with the chokepoint castle at all.

    This could be improved upon with tolls from these castles when you are a neutral party and the toll paid would depend on your trade skill and party size.
    neutral parties should be allowed to pass, otherwise the player, as well as neutral mercenaries and lords, will be essentially trapped after a certain point in the game where most players generally lead a lot of troops.

    I don't think tolls would be a good idea. again, discourages movement, especially early game where I doubt the player would be able to afford it.
    I think that Bannerlord already has a system for being able to enter castle: relationship. if a lord likes you, they will let you though, if they hate you, they won't. this applies for whether you are neutral to a faction, a vassal of it, or even their king!! literally, I was the ruler of the faction and I was at a bad relationship with one of my vassals (-12). I tried to enter one of their castles and they wouldn't let me though.
  5. should I assassinate my liege?

    I want to be ruler so I was waiting for them to just die of old age, but it is taking way to long. should I friendly-fire them to death in battle or is there a better way? and would this cause the other vassals to hate me?
  6. Some questions about building melee character

    Greetings, I have a couple of questions:
    1-I try to play as a two hander (with axe for cleaving), but with recent athletics nerf I cant catch most units although I travel light. Also whenever I try to go berserk into enemy I either end up with a throwing spear/arrow/bolt whatever on my head or they catch me and I try to block 5 people at a time and fail.
    for some reason routing units go super-speed so you can almost never catch them even before the athletics nerfs.
    have a shield equipped on your character. it will allow you to approach them even under heavy fire. once close enough, put the shield on your back as it will reduce damage taken if hit from behind.
    don't try to block 5 people a once. best to kite them into a single dense blob by running around in cycles then continuously side-step and attack.

    2- They say bardiche is great, which faction sells bardiche?
    Aserai sells bardiche, but there are other powerful two-handed weapons as well: Valandia sells short-bill, Sturgia sells drilled axe, and Batannia has a lot of good two-handed swords which is good with level 150 two-handed skill since you can deflect arrows.

    hope this helps
  7. Company of Trouble quest: why can't I buy them?

    as a quick recap of the quest, a lord gives you some units of mercenaries and wants you to go to other lords and try to convince them to buy them. my question is why don't I have an option to simply buy them instead? I am constantly leading armies, so finding a lord isn't a problem for me...
  8. Capture Lord/Lady (suggestion)

    I got this quest to capture a lady some lord had some beef with. I noticed after looking for her in several locations that she is not lord type that leads armies but just a plain Lady that likes to socialize in castle gatherings. So i can't capture her unless i capture the whole town or castle because these type of characters, it seem, that are not traveling, but just teleport between locations. It would be interesting to have them travel with some lord or caravan between locations.
    if you capture other lords of the same clan she would lead a party to replace them. I assume you are at war or willing to going to war with the faction, I'd never do the quest otherwise.
  9. exploit for infinite army cohesion (plz fix, devs)

    in order to pull this off you need to make party for a clan member then invite them into your army. whenever army cohesion gets low simply kick that party out of the army and immediately invite them in again. it cost zero influence to invite a clan member into your army, yet inviting a party...
  10. level 275 Scout + Khuzait speed bonus is insane!

    seriously, the perk Uncanny Insight can give you a minimum of 7.5% speed increase! and if you decide too have a party only consisting of cavalry you are already have a 10% faster with khuzaits. combining them together with other perks and you are going about 20% faster! plus I can see the up to...
  11. should smithing even be a skill?

    It's there to give players option to craft their own weapons. Nothing more and nothing less. It's completely optional and you can ignore it if you want. Which is fine by me.

    The only complain I have about it is totally random way to obtain design elements. You should be obtaining details of the weapon you are scrapping. You should not be able to learn new blade design from a wooden mallet.
    but players would have to spend both time and skill points to craft their desired weapons rather than on skills that let them use the weapon effectively. that's why there should simply be an NPC that can make it for you. M&B with Fire and Sword had this; you could order custom armor, swords, shields, bows, guns, and even horses (the priced were pretty high though).
  12. should smithing even be a skill?

    What if players want to roleplay as a blacksmith?
    *shrug* …I mean, I've heard of people roleplaying as a merchant, bandit, or mercenary, but never a blacksmith. most people use smithing simply to exploit the game for a near infinite money.
  13. should smithing even be a skill?

    be honest, when (or if) the devs fix smithing exploits will any of us care about leveling smithing? what is even the point of smithing? if it's to let the player make a customized weapon or roleplaying then why is it locked behind level 100+ smithing? I don't want to waste my time or skill...
  14. Limit on how many mercenaries a kingdom can have.

    seriously, I am at war with the Northern Empire and I was winning, and even convinced most of their clans to join my side. but then they started fielding large armies with decent tier troops and started taking back their settlements. I was wondering why they were able to push me back even after...
  15. Acquiring Elite Horses

    Can they be dropped after battles? At the moment I seem to have a couple of Cossians in my inventory that I don't remember obtaining.
    in my 500 hours of playing I think it has happened to me just once. I got a pureblood.
  16. Question about Rebel Factions

    Can a Rebel faction grow and increase in power? Do they ever start capturing other towns and castles and attempt to recruit nobles and field more armies?
    no. if anything they join other factions
    are they locked to the city the rebellion started in and only keep it as long as it takes another faction to come and quell them? I've seen rebel factions appear a few times in the two campaigns I've played but it seems everytime they get wiped out soon after they show up. Is this just how it works and/or plays out due to the current state of the game or are they actually able of growing and even potentially snowballing?
    in order for a rebellion to win, they must keep their settlement for an in-game month. this almost never happens as the faction they are rebelling against is massively stronger than them. however, it is possible and I've seen a few rebellions last up to that point. once they win they do not become a new faction but will instead join an existing one.
  17. A reason for war and how AI behave because of it (Casus Belli)

    there should be more to it then simply declaring war, there should be a Casus Belli- a reason for war, and this reason should determine the behavior of the campaign AI. also, the personality traits should play a role on what Casus Belli they vote for. here are examples I thought of for Casus...
  18. Issues with the "destroy raiders" conspiracy mission

    true for the last one, but I never had the first one happen. I've had raiders surrender or even join me (you would be able to do this before since they would frequently starve if you wait long enough) and it always counted. you can report this to the devs and maybe they will fix it.
  19. Khuzaits aren't OP, everyone else just sucks (culture perks, troop trees, & equipment)

    Infantry are literally expendable trash in this game. Giving them a bonus is like embroidering toilet paper.
    I agree with the expendable part, but trash? The thing about cav is that, although better, they are more expensive than infantry. You have to buy a horse then a warhorse for most cav. This mean the price for cav is 700-1000 dennars more than infantry. (I understand that as of now the AI doesn't pay extra for cav, but the devs said they are changing this soon) This means in battles, even in autoresolves, cav doesn't trade well moneywise. that is the strength of infantry is their cost efficiency. The strength of cav is to be able to pick favorable engagements, which gain favor from the player's aggressive form of playstyle.
  20. Khuzaits aren't OP, everyone else just sucks (culture perks, troop trees, & equipment)

    there are a lot of people calling to nerf the Khuzaits, calling them unbalanced. however, if we calm down we can see that the Khuzaits are mostly balanced. I know, I know, hate me all you want, but hear me out first. there are three thing that make the a faction weak or strong: culture perks...
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