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  1. Sepia The WellFed

    Resolved Gersegos Castle* Problem !!

    Hello, two updates have passed, but I have a hard time choosing the fief owner of the Gersegos Castle because whenever I try to select it, the game crashes and closes. What should I do? can it be fixed with an next coming update...
  2. Sepia The WellFed

    Iron Ravens

    •Sepia •Yuzarsif •bladee •Yakamoz •Mesronn •Ren •BearThomas •Chu •Rip •Dolv2 •Paralyzer •Yvonne •Matrona •Kerberus •Exca •Halt •Relax •Asugan •Lylie •Cjj •Ash •Aindrio •Imry_Florent � Sepia Imry_Florent / Server...
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