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  1. Necronomicron

    Is there a lossless way to start a war?

    Is there a way to start a war without losing honor, reputation, etc.? 2 factions started wars with me themselves, I've beaten them and now I am just walking around and waiting for the other 2 factions to start wars with me. If it's not possible without mods, well, is there any mod for this? I am...
  2. Necronomicron

    How to complete claimant quest?

    I have taken Lady Isolla's quest, I've conquered Swadia, the Rebel's faction became just «Kingdom of Swadia», all lords are Isolla's vassals now, but I still have the quest. Shortly after I've captured the last castle, she said «NO STRING!» to me and left the party. She also made me a marshall...
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