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  1. The Yogi

    Equipment should vary mainly with troop role, not with troop tier

    I would make much more sense if troops were issued with reasonably good equipment from the start, and then improved mainly in their skills, leading to higher pay. This is especially true for the "recruits", which are ridiculously under-equipped at present. At the very least, they should have...
  2. The Yogi

    Price rebalance, take a note from history

    Bannerlord is set in reality with more than a passing similarity to the V and VI centuries of Europe. The names and styles of many things - arms, armour and troops among others, is, shall we say "borrowed"? from the late Roman/early Byzantine Empire. And so it is also with money. The coin chosen...
  3. The Yogi

    [Suggestion] Change mechanic for party speed

    This is another thing that always bothered me since the original M&B and Warband, and which I had hoped would be fixed in Bannerlord - the way party speed is calculated. A marching army always move at the speed of its SLOWEST soldier, not at the average speed of all the soldiers. This means a...
  4. The Yogi

    Cheaper gear, more expensive troops

    I've been with Mount & Blade since the original game (I'm in the looong community contributor list for Warband), and one thing that has always bugged me and which I hoped Bannerlord would adress is the absurd balance between the price of gear and the price of hiring and promoting troops (which...
  5. The Yogi

    Uggliest chick in Calradia

    Her lack of vanity is refreshing, but a shave would undoubtedly do wonders for her appearance. Or perhaps not. :) Happens a lot with v 1.143. Anyone else got this?
  6. The Yogi

    [suggestion]Allow picking sides in a fight between neutral parties

    One small issue I have is how difficult it can be to go hostile with a faction should I desire to do so. Finding a caravan of theirs (which are the only ones I can attack) can take for ever. An easier way would be to be able to enter a battle between to factions I'm not hostile with. Right now...
  7. The Yogi

    [Suggestion]Picking a capital

    As it stands, when you get your first castle or town as an independent faction, that becomes your capital, which you cannot give away as a fief. I would like to see an option to pick any of your fiefs as capital. Your minister would move there and you'd be able to give away your old capital as a...
  8. The Yogi

    [suggestion]culture specific shop inventories

    One feature I always thought would make it into the final version of M&B was to have the inventories vary with the country, so that not all equipment can be found in all shops. Basically, I'd like to have many items of equipment being specific to each faction, and mostly available there...
  9. The Yogi

    Have shop inventories change with country

    I'm beta-testing the Warband SP, and one feature I always thought would make it into the final version of M&B was to have the inventories vary with the country, so that not all equipment can be found in all shops. Basically, I'd like to have many items of equipment being specific to each...
  10. The Yogi

    [problem - not necessarily bug] Back hand blow often turns into overhead chop

    In previous versions of M&B I had no problem selecting my attack, but in Warband, when I try to make a back hand attack (ie from left to right) I most often end up doing an overhand chop instead. Any ideas what could cause this?
  11. The Yogi

    [Bug].634 + hotfix Lockup after asking minister to rejoin party is back

    This one was supposed to be fixed in 631, but here its back again. I asked my minister to rejoin the party. He asked who to appoint in his stead, and the game locks up (ie can't move on in the dialog).
  12. The Yogi

    [suggestion] Link length of weapon model to length stat

    When I was doing my Realistic Navtive Weapon Sizes mod, I noticed that there were some weapons that shared model but had quite differing length stats, making it easy to misjudge wheter a foe was in range or not. I have experienced the same problem in Warband single player, I think I'm going to...
  13. The Yogi

    [Bug?]Bar brawler uses sword, charachter fists

    I finally got into a tavern brawl, where a drunkard asked what I was looking at, and I chose the reply "Clearly at some sort of animal". The drunkard then pulled a sword on me, whereas I had to fight with my fists. My default weapon, a two-handed sword, was disabeled. When I tried to switch...
  14. The Yogi

    [Bug]Members of own party (including player character) are captured

    After several battles against mountain bandits, my own character (Johan), plus some companions were captured by my own band. Unless set free, these characters will appear as prisoners in the party.
  15. The Yogi

    [Bug] Text error with troop re-classification

    Apart from the text error, the feature seems to be working.
  16. The Yogi

    [Bug] Blunt damage kills

    I posted earlier about the wooden club killing, now it seems a common problem for blunt weapons: Screenshot: If I find a blunt weapon which deviates from this, I'll post it here.
  17. The Yogi

    [suggestion] greatly tone down sideways movement speed during foot combat

    The main problem I have with this game so far is that it feels like CS with medieval weaponry, not like medieval combat. I would like to see fight where the combatants face off and fight it out face to face. Take two guys fighiting it out with melee weapons - in reality they'd stare at each...
  18. The Yogi

    How to change the faction of a party (MY PARTY!) in a saved game?

    For some reason, at some point after I went over to v1.010 my part became a member of the Commoner faction, rather than the Swadia rebels faction. My estates are still Swadia Rebels, and they still pay me taxes and I have full access to them in every way, but I'm not in that faction any more...
  19. The Yogi

    Suggestion to make troop types more consistent with faction style

    Right now I find that some faction troop mixes do not make much sense and could be improved upon. I will give an example of what I mean with the Swadian faction, and suggest some improvements there, to kick of the debate. As far as I've understood, Swadia is supposed to be the Feudalism-simile...
  20. The Yogi

    Problem with missile weapons in sieges

    v. 0.951 During sieges, there seem to be quite a lot of spots on the walls, but also sometimes on the ramps where troops become "ghosts" in the sense that bolts and arrows (can't say if also thrown weapons) pass right through them. You can be shooting virtual point-blank range and actually see...
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