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  1. Holmgaardviking

    Upcoming Brytenwalda project

    Hello! It would please me and others to get a little sneak peak on the new project  :fruity: Just a little reveal, pretty please.. Anyway. Looking forward to whatever you guys are making. Surely it won't dissapoint with such an amazing dev team onboard! New website -->...
  2. Holmgaardviking

    Plunder fort is bugged

    I have beta 1.02 and the latest hotfix. My warband is the latest version. I plundered Duin Baitte of the Alban kingdom and I noticed 2 bugs. When I had the option to plunder the castle I did not get any loot or money. The prosperity of the fort was very poor but you would think they would have...
  3. Holmgaardviking

    Dena Friends

    Is there a way to become ally with the Dena pirates?
  4. Holmgaardviking

    Money glitch

    Hey guys i have a problem with money in Peloponnesian War, i randomly always loose almost all my money for no reason at all, i have more then enough money to cover my troops but this is a bug  dont know how to fix, so anyone who knows? The error message that appear is: SCRIPT WARNING ...
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