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    MOVED: Activation Server Down? Help needed!

    This topic has been moved to Town Watch - Warband Tech Support. https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,384189.0.html
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    Any of us sing/ play music? Also I recorded a Bon Iver cover...

    I've looked through the threads and I can't see anywhere where TWers have been sharing music they've made. Anyway, onto what I did. I've been sharing this with people I know, and I figured some of you bastards might like to hear it. So here it is (feat. Mickey Mouse aka falsetto backed) and...
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    Domestic Terrorist Attack in Austin, TX

    CNN Story (Good) eye witness The Klaxon link His suicide note. Wiki Thoughts? Looks like no one was killed except for the perpetrator. I'm watching the TV reports on it right now and I'm sick of all this bull**** speculation. "Did he have accelerants?" "Wow, the fireball seemed a lot larger...
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    [Suggestion] Critiquing Factions to Improve Mount&Blade: Warband

    Note: I wrote this for a technical writing class for my university- that's why it's formatted the way it is. Also, this was written with an older version in mind. And it's very half-assedly formatted for the boards. Enjoy. :P Title Critiquing Factions to Improve Mount&Blade: Warband The Games...
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    Naev 4.0.1 Released (Made by Fans, Inspired by Escape Velocity)

    Yep, it's here! I've been checking their site several times a day, hoping the new release would be up. This one should add more ships, items, and tweak the graphics and sounds quite a bit. In general, it is a big update. If you've ever played any of the Escape Velocity games, then you'll enjoy...
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    I just, er... composed something

    Yep. I think I've finally lost it. This is my first composition converted from .mp3 to .wmv so I can upload it. This is an ambient electronic soundscape that feels very much like Revolution 9. Or Ween. Or Godspeed You Black Emperor! Voice Credits To: Martin Luther King, Jr.: Excerpt from "I...
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    Exploring Lewis's God: The Greater Good

    Apparently summer's long, boring nights and days have gotten to me and I've deevolved into writing about philosophical bull****. I even started a new blog, Goddammit. Most of this drivel is crossposted from it (and some is crossposted from my submission to reddit.) Regardless, I thought maybe a...
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    ****'s Been Hitting the Fan in Iran

    This may or may not be a surprise to you, but there is mass civil unrest in Iran over the phony reelection of Mahmound Ahmandinejad. Originally stated that he won by 60%, disaffected officials have leaked the actual logs of the election. If current reports are true, it turns out he came in third...
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    .953 Changes Discussion

    Apparently .953 just went up lads, let's see what we can find. :)
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    Minor Suggestions involving Persuasion/ Messages

    Change Persuasion's name to something like "Guile" or "Trickery" and in addition to what it does now, have higher skills increase the chance of successfully sneaking into a town. Persuasion isn't incredibly useful as is, so having it do what I've suggested would make investing points into it a...
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    Small Comment

    I like the cake in my profile. Nice touch. :) Any other things like that which pop up for certain dates?
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    Need Help with Alpha

    I can't seem to get the alpha layer working with my avatar. Could someone help me out with it?
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    UFOs invading my town / Local man gone nuts

    Saw an odd piece of video after watching local news of UFOs with this URL listed: http://wemakecontact.com/ Apparently my town is ****ed =/ (that last video looks especially fake)... Such a good URL, sad it went to waste.
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    Vivendi + Activision = Activision Blizzard

    Apparently they're merging :shock: http://www.joystiq.com/2007/12/02/activision-and-vivendi-merge-in-18-billion-deal/ http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2007/12/02/ap4394786.html http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=3168513659&sid=1 I guess I shouldn't be too worried, though. As...
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    O&O Software: Great HD management Software (30 day trials, full functionality)

    I haven't been very content with how Windoze handles harddrive stuffs, so I've been questing about looking for good programs. Well, needless to say I've found a company with a bunch of great software. (Click "products" at the top if you're wondering where to find stuff. The stuff I'm using is...
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    [0.893] Poor Performance & Stability

    The game freezes and usually unfreezes within ten seconds both in and out of combat, and it seems very random. Sometimes it'll freeze/ unfreeze three or four times in rapid succession and other times it'll freeze/ unfreeze once during an entire battle. Freezing & unfreezing multiple times...
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    Daniel Johnston- Git or Virtuoso?

    I recently watched part of the "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" documentary on him. Basically, he's a mentally deranged guy officially diagnosed as bipolar, but I suspect that's just among many other disorders, and he makes music and visual art. Being 46, he lives with his parents like we all...
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    Star Wars fans with Battlefield: 2142 rejoice!

    For the Second Coming is upon us! For a first release, content-wise, it's very well done. There are at least two ground combat maps, one with vehicles, and one space map that is vehicle-only in the ways of combat. The only thing that prevents me from playing more is problems with lag-- network...
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    Voice Chat for us :) (Ventrilo)

    ATTN: Admins of the non-English language boards! If you would like to post this information on your board (as a sticky, perhaps) please just let me know. I will make you a channel with the title being the name of the language in the respective language's language :). Please also, if possible...
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