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  1. Hank_the_Tank

    Resolved Repeated crashing. Save file unplayable.

    Also I tried validating my files and found none invalid.
  2. Hank_the_Tank

    Resolved Repeated crashing. Save file unplayable.

    Summary: My current save file crashes anytime I talk to an NPC. I've tried talking to a village npc notable to turn in a quest, talking to merchants in towns, and enemy lord npcs before battle. After about one line of dialogue, the game crashes. This started happening after finishing a...
  3. Hank_the_Tank

    In Progress Party stuck on disbanding

    I still have the issue, but it would likely be fixed if I started a new campaign.
  4. Hank_the_Tank

    In Progress Party stuck on disbanding

    I sent an email with the save file attached
  5. Hank_the_Tank

    In Progress Party stuck on disbanding

    I've uploaded the save file.
  6. Hank_the_Tank

    Resolved Troops have negative weight 1.5.9

    I've uploaded the save file.
  7. Hank_the_Tank

    In Progress Party stuck on disbanding

    Summary: My player character died of old age. I was in prison at the time. After choosing an heir, my original party began to disband, but never fully disbanded. It is stuck at 0/20 party members and "disbanding" in the party menu screen. This counts as one of the four parties my clan may have...
  8. Hank_the_Tank

    Resolved Troops have negative weight 1.5.9

    This actually becoming somewhat of a gamebreaking bug because I can not feed myself or any troops I acquire until I get enough pack animals. With a base weight of 10, but a -2900 for troops that I do not have, I can only carry a single unit of food and nothing else. When I get more troops the negative weight penalty decreases but I am still stuck at 10 maximum causing my troops to starve. Not all cities have pack animals in stock so my troops are starving while we run around looking for mules and sumpter horses.

  9. Hank_the_Tank

    Need More Info Party carry weight stuck at 10

    This happened to me as well. I started a new thread before I saw this one, but I included a screenshot. https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/troops-have-negative-weight-1-5-9.442460/
  10. Hank_the_Tank

    Resolved Troops have negative weight 1.5.9

    Summary: Troops have negative weight and cause the party to be overburdened very easily. This seems to apply to the player character as well because after being defeated and the only member in the party, you are over burdened with a negative troop value. In the screen shot, I have 8 pack animals...
  11. Hank_the_Tank

    Resolved [1.5.7] Troops with negative carrying capacity

    I am still having this issue in 1.5.9
  12. Hank_the_Tank

    In Progress Siege AI Defender Ladder Issue

    Summary: In many of the sieges I have defended, the AI only protects one of the two ladders or not at all. This allows troops to flow into the castle and usually open the gates. In some sieges there is an excess of troops standing in front of the gate while hardly any are on the walls...
  13. Hank_the_Tank

    Resolved Prodigal Son Quest Causes Crash

    Summary: The Prodigal Son quest causes a crash. When you go inside the house, the person you are trying to rescue starts to cower and then runs out of the building. After you kill the thugs the game will crash if the Son has already fled. In certain locations it is possible to kill the thugs...
  14. Hank_the_Tank

    In Progress Lady Needs a Tutor Quest Bug

    Another person reported the same issue recently and may have more information. Here is the related thread: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/lady-needs-a-tutor-give-me-new-family-member.442235/
  15. Hank_the_Tank

    In Progress Lady Needs a Tutor - Give me new family member

    I posted a similar issue a few days ago, however, I do not have a save file when the quest is still on going. If you happen to have one I'm sure the devs would appreciate it. Here is the thread I posted: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/lady-needs-a-tutor-quest-bug.442004/
  16. Hank_the_Tank

    In Progress Lady Needs a Tutor Quest Bug

    Unfortunately I forgot to make a separate save file while the quest was still ongoing. The save file should show the wife of Mimir still in my family and acting as a useable governor or companion.
  17. Hank_the_Tank

    Resolved Omar has only 2 workshops

    I actually found the third workshop in Omar after much searching. It was dead center in the middle of town. The workers are standing around in the open by some stalls I think. The workshop was a weaver and one of the notable npcs named the Clothier was standing next to it. There is no icon when holding ALT.
  18. Hank_the_Tank

    Resolved Spy Agent is a Tank

    I had this bug as well, but I noticed that the player also has increased hp. The duelist hit me for 50 damage at one point and my hp bar barely moved.
  19. Hank_the_Tank

    In Progress Game freeze late in the battle, possibly cause by too many corpses and ragdolls

    I have also been experiencing this issue. Just happened at the end of a very long siege. My CPU was running at 100% during the freeze, 97% was bannerlord. After ALT F4ing to close the game, the screen disappears but the audio remains and bannerlord moves from Apps to Background Processes in the task manager.
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