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  1. Leader144

    Age of Arthur 5.0

    Hi Guys wanted to make a platform for people to share their opinion and experience about this awesome mod? How do you start? Did you try out as a knight and saved your mother? How did you do that? Where is your favorite spot to build a city and fort? Let's share our experience. Sincerely
  2. Leader144

    Stealth System / Stealth Gameplay

    Hey Guys. Just a short question if there is any stealth System in the game or planned? (Stealth kills in bandit camps for example) I noticed you can crouch (sneak?) but I am not sure if this is wip or just for mp. Cheers
  3. Leader144

    Can you now immerse and rp in this game?

    Hi Guys had a long break from bannerlord and now came back hearing that maybe there will be rebellion soon on the beta branch. Before I left smithing and trading was quite broken and also there was no real system of reputation (killing bandits give Rep to city etc) in the Game and you as a...
  4. Leader144

    South Empire or Vlandia - what do you recommend for 1.3 play?

    Hello Guys, just wanted to ask your opinion as I want to start new and never played vlandia if you recommend it to choose, as I always was a big fan of the South Empire and always had Ira as Wife. Do you recommend vlandia with those horse focused troops? Can you recommend maybe a good wife...
  5. Leader144

    Banner Option 1.3 not implemented any more?

    Hey Guys, Is the Option of copy paste banners out of the Game with 1.3? Didnt read anything on the changelogs but on steam I was reading it, and wanted to ask if someone knows if and why they removed it (silently) If so I hope that a modder will fix it. Cheers Leader
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