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  1. Where are all the 2h maces/mauls/blunt weapons?

    They could easily do this. (I know, because I could easily mod this with proper modding tools.) Only reason why they wouldn't do it is they probably don't want to bother with it. Which is a shame.

    I mean, only difference between most 1h and 2h maces is the scale. I can't see any reason whatsoever why we couldn't have more 2h maces. (Seriously, not even a re-textured version of the original? A shame)
  2. Penalty for leaving a kingdom is simply way too severe!

    I decided to leave a kingdom. (mainly because they are always at war with another kingdom and I got sick of it) I decided not to keep any of the castles I owned so they wont hate me as much. But as soon as I pressed the button, I got penalty of -20 from everyone in the kingdom. EVERYONE. Some of...
  3. Voting For Who Gets What

    Technically speaking, any lord who risks his man gains influence and said lord could use that influence to get the castle. (or rather tip the scales in his favor) This is basically what the player can do.
  4. Beta Branch e1.1.0

    Entitled, ungrateful. You'll have to wait until you see it.

    Why yes, I am entitled to my opinion. It isn't up to you. If I want to know what you think about my opinion post I will ask for it. So never.

    I can appreciate what they are doing while criticizing what they haven't yet done. I don't have to worship them f

    So I take it you don't care for any of the many updates and changes they made?

    I do care. I wouldn't bother writing anything if I didn't. I am a wee bit upset because they still didn't fix it even though it is a relatively easy thing to fix. "Generic Background" thing isn't an acceptable placeholder.
  5. Beta Branch e1.1.0

    When will you bother to fix companions?

    I am sick and tired of seeing "generic background" text.

    How difficult it could be to fix this? You don't even need to mess with any sound files as there are none.

    Also, 5 companions max limit doesn't make sense when you can (and sometimes need to) leave one of your companions as governors to your castles or cities. If I don't have the companion in my party, let me get another companion.
  6. Economy - everything's so cheap..

    Dude, whole point of owning a fief is the income it brings. Paying for the privilege of owning a fief would be ridiculous.

    I am all for upgrading/spending gold on villages. If I remember correctly, in Warband you could build wells, defenses and whatnot to upgrade the village, but even that is done for a higher income. (as an investment)

    Party wages can get ridiculously high as it is. Unless your army consists of recruits it is bound to cost more than you make. It needs some balance but no need to make it any worse.
  7. Charge damage and horse armor


    I really like this idea. It doesn't have to be too complicated, just add a little extra damage depending on the armor type, consider horse armor like a weapon and armor combined in one.
  8. More Dynamic wanderers


    Companions suck something major right now.

    They are not interesting, they barely have any backstory, they do not have their own likes and dislikes, they do not comment on anything and their generic backstories usually have no connection to their backgrounds.

    I really really miss Warband companions. They were far from perfect, but they were leagues and bounds better. Even Bannerlord admits its companions are generic. What with "generic backstory" text and all.
  9. Sword on a mount


    Sword on a mount sucks in Bannerlord. Usually landing a hit is near impossible.

    Strangely enough, your characters height seems to matter a lot. Taller your character is, harder it is to hit with a sword, no matter how long the sword is.
  10. Show a dialogue box for important events!

    Game lists events on the left corner as usual, but sometimes too many things happen at once and it is quite easy to miss these. Sometimes you are given a castle and since it is quite easy to miss these, your castle gets attacked before you even realize you have one and taken away before you can...
  11. Allow us to talk with prisoners! (+ related bug)

    I agree. Charm could actually be useful for that.
  12. Allow us to talk with prisoners! (+ related bug)

    I was doing the quest about that artifact you get in the beginning of the game, I noticed two of the nobles I had to talk with were my prisoners. (I helped a noble out, ended up taking prisoners, never got to talk to them) I tried to talk with them while they were in my party (as prisoners) but...
  13. Peacetime needs to be a thing.

    I joined a kingdom right after reaching clan level 2 and after years and years of in game time I still haven't seen a single day of peace. I am sick and tired of fighting same kingdom over and over again.

    Also, my leadership skill might have bugged out, because even after defeating an army of 260 with my 60 highly trained soldiers (it was still hell. I had to do it over and over and over again and when did manage to win, I was left with only 2 soldiers. 40 dead, 18 wounded.) my army size still haven't reached above 85.
  14. Why factions snowball? Realistic behavior in unrealistic environment.

    I think the biggest issue is, at least in my game, kingdoms are always at war with each other. I joined a kingdom as soon as I hit clan level 2 and that kingdom was at war with another kingdom even before I joined. Many in game years have passed yet they still haven't made peace. You can't even suggest them to make peace using your influence. That option is grayed out. My guess is, they will fight until one of them simply disappears.

    Even in Warband, kingdoms would make peace after a period of fighting. This is why snowballing would take a lot of time. It wasn't like in Bannerlord, where I am sure same two kingdoms will keep fighting until one of them is completely gone and the winner will immediately start fighting another kingdom.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but in Warband, losing kingdom would send peace offers and winning kingdom would sometimes accept, I doubt this is happening in Bannerlord, because they always fight until they die out.

    This is a weak point of Bannerlord. AI doesn't know how to surrender. You can have a 500 man army and fight against a group of 5 but they are not smart enough to be scared, you can shout "SURRENDER OR DIE" again and again, but they will threaten you and still try to fight you. It is ridiculous.
  15. 700 days test e1.0.4 (images) (snowballing)

    Strange thing is, I am using the same save since the day 1 and snowballing isn't much of an issue in my game. Only one kingdom is gone after all this time. Still it doesn't seem to be very well balanced and it feels like it could fall apart at any moment as some kingdoms are clearly much weaker and if they start a war, they wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight. But it is still ok somehow. It seems snowballing thing is random, it is more likely to happen than not, but sometimes it doesn't happen that fast or that badly it seems.
  16. Auto-block in singleplayer

    Why not reduce the damage in the options then? That way a few missed blocks are forgiven.

    If I do that, game becomes too easy. And as I said, problem with enemies spamming attacks still exists even at the lowest difficulty. So it would be rather pointless. All I want is a little balance.
  17. Auto-block in singleplayer

    My issue with the lack of autoblock is, even at the easiest difficult your enemies are really aggressive and can spam attacks. Meanwhile they made sure that player can't spam attacks like in Warband. I play on normal difficulty where this is even more obvious.

    In Warband, even if I couldn't block, I was sure I could win one on one combat if my enemy is weaker, in Bannerlord if I can't block their attacks I never know if that bandit with a stick start cheesing attacks and beat player or not.

    I can't always block properly. I am a bit embarrassed to say it, but sometimes I panic while trying to win and get a little confused. Enemy AI takes advantage of that, but player can't. It is a bit jarring.
  18. How far can the game progress?

    Probably nothing happens. Just like in Warband. (Where not much happened except betrayal)

    It would be cool if a story element starts if you conquer all.
  19. What performance are you guys getting?

    From what I understand, the GPU isn't as important as CPU for the fps drops.

    Or, let me rephrase, GPU, CPU, RAM etc all can be a bottleneck and cause the fps issues.

    I am pretty sure this is because of a memory leak issue or something along those lines.

    My computer might have a bottleneck issue, but my friends computer is a beast.
  20. What performance are you guys getting?

    I have 1060 and a friend of mine has 2080TI, I tested the game on both and honestly performance was about the same.

    Of course 2080TI was smoother at times, but it had sudden huge FPS drops just the same. During a battle we actually saw 1 FPS, which was ridiculous. Literally the bottom.
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