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  1. Aeon

    WB With Fire & Sword

    Vu le remarquable travail fait sur la VF de Warband, je lance ce sujet pour tâter le terrain sur " With Fire & Sword " (le prochain jeu Taleworlds). A savoir si les contributeurs historiques se sentiraient d'attaque pour remettre le couvert... :?:
  2. Aeon

    Inside helmet view (idea/project)

    Why every player rush to the greater armor helmet ? Obiviously price is not an obstacle, and multiply its price isn't a fair solution (unlikeable to purpose a helmet 30x expensive than a simplier one) Weight even isn't an obstacle (especially if you ride a mount), and increasing furthermore...
  3. Aeon

    WB Mobilisation

    Vu l'avancement avancée (hinhin!) des traductions VF Warband non-officielles, il me semble presque temps de faire "pression" sur TaleWorlds pour qu'ils prennent connaissance de la VF concoctée par nos soins et de notre souhait qu'elle supplante l'officielle dans les futures mise à jour...
  4. Aeon

    1.131 coronation cutscene

    Inside there is a new entry : ("coronation", "coronation.ogg", mtf_persist_until_finished, 0), I guess this is for a cutscene, just like the wedding one. Could somebody upload (youtube or else) a video of this cutscene ?
  5. Aeon

    Un petit coup de pouce svp

    Bonjour à tous, J'aurais besoin d'une sauvegarde (1.127) juste avant le mariage. Peu importe la fille, ou sa faction, et même le statut du joueur. C'est juste pour des besoins d'expérimentation. Si quelqu'un pouvais l'uploader quelque part, ou simplement me l'envoyer par email. Merci...
  6. Aeon

    Black fade-in effect

    When changing scene, that new one oftenly display low texture (this step during just a couple of tenth of second). Then back to usual quality texture. I guess this delay is required by graphic card to load in memory textures or anisotropic filters. I would suggest to code a "fade in" black...
  7. Aeon

    Relations & conséquences

    J'aurai voulu connaitre les seuils de relation négatif, à partir de combien : - Un seigneur ne votera jamais pour moi lors de l'élection du Maréchal ? - Un seigneur ne m'invite pas à sa réception (feast) ? - Un seigneur refuse de me laisser entrer dans son château ? - Un seigneur m'attaque...
  8. Aeon

    bad relationship effects

    I wonder how much negative relation points with lord should I reach, to lead him to : - Not vote for me (Marshall election) ? - Not invite me at his feast (while we both belong to a same faction) ? - Refuse to let me enter his castle ? - Attack me, while my faction is not at war with his...
  9. Aeon

    Affiliate to a family

    So you gave oath to your king. Now what about to affiliate within a family from that faction ? * Only as vassal * You would gain honorific rank " [player_name], from the house of [family_name]. " Family include the referent lord (the one you talk with to be affiliated), and his family...
  10. Aeon

    Religion (...and diplomacy)

    That should be in "Suggestion" thread, but it's a big one. And because of its nature, I would not risk to flame whole suggestion thread. Please understand there is no offense to deal with religion, this is just a game. Part 1 , Description. Insert one new NPC in each town. Preferably in...
  11. Aeon

    Artworks, banners, graphics...

    Hello world, If you wish to share your concept-art,image,banner,avatar,picture... anything that sound to you related to Diplomacy. Please contribute and post there. PS: if you support Diplomacy, and want to use some of these in your signature, you are welcome :wink: banner :
  12. Aeon

    Hi-Hair [Download]

    Edited 29/05/2010 - open source Some people don't have karma to become modeller. I've understood I was one of them,  but if my early work from could be re-used by other, please be my guest ! :) (512*512 texture, alpha channel) (512*512, alpha used to fade-in hair...
  13. Aeon

    Music flag [mtf_sit_encounter_hostile]

    Greetings people. I want to learn more about this flag (from : mtf_sit_encounter_hostile How does it work ? On wich event it rely and allow to play track ? - I had many tries ingame, but never success to trigger it. - Yes, I widely searched on forum about it. - No, there is...
  14. Aeon

    [B] SoundRound-ing

    ¶ SoundRound-ing will replace vanilla Mount & Blade Warband musics, by high quality ambient soundtracks ; in order to improve game immersivness. Those soundscapes does not include any music. SoundRound-ing will perform realistic and polished sound design for greater experience on Warband...
  15. Aeon

    WB [Traduction en cours] VVF Warband™

    VVF Warband™ "Mod de Traduction", Version Vieux Français pour l'extension Warband du jeu Mount&Blade La transcription VVF Warband™ tente d'apporter un cachet antique aux dialogues, sans pour autant être garant d'authenticité (littéral non-historique). La transcription VVF Warband™...
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