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  1. kotofey

    J'ai besoin d'aide pour traduire une lettre écrite en français.

    Hello everyone. I need to know what say in this letter. This need for a rebuttal. This is a letter from this site dedicated to the war of 1812 in...
  2. kotofey

    Ops, wrong forum )

    Ops, wrong forum Sorry.
  3. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    For Warband 1.153 - 1.168 Historical mod dedicated to Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812. Download Just click the "скачать" Mod features: - Map north-western Russia - lots of historicity uniforms. - lots of units of both armies. - historical generals. The most famous have tried to make a...
  4. kotofey

    Body armor bug

    I made a cloak for my mod, but this crap is observed.  I put them in MM Russia to double-check. This happens only when the material is present in the shader "_skin_" such specular_shader_skin_bump_high. When I put "simple_shader" or eg "specular_shader_Instanced" everything is fine. This is...
  5. kotofey

    Musket melee problem

    I not the first with such problem. But I have not found the decision at a forum. I have added a musket in game, and have written at it "next_item_as_melee". In module_item, after my musket, I have added "musket_melee". In game when I press "Х", the character to become in "T-pose", and the...
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