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  1. RedKnight21

    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    This looks great, can't wait
  2. RedKnight21

    SP Medieval Kingdom Come - A 13th-14th Century Europe mod

    Will there be a Holy Roman Empire Game Mechanic or factions within the Holy Roman Empire (Bohemia, Austria, Teutonic Order, Baden, Bavaria, Berg, Aachen, Saxony)? Or could they all be city states controlled by Austria, which forms the Holy Roman Empire (Using EU4 map)?
  3. RedKnight21

    [Dynamic World Quest] - Use rebellions to create quests

    Interesting ideas
  4. RedKnight21

    Please help to create kingdom

    That might be a RIP
  5. RedKnight21

    [Main Quest Sidequest] Award a vassal player a Castle

    I like this concept
  6. RedKnight21

    Upgrade troops : getting horse back

    That would be nice. It sounds like a good suggestion.
  7. RedKnight21

    Need a tab to find supporters.

    Good catch
  8. RedKnight21

    Add Nobility Titles? (Poll and Discussion)

    Request: All clan members of all factions should be given titles (except mercenaries) Let players customize their titles once they rule a faction Introduction: Social statuses have always been a key aspect of the mount and blade games. However, I believe this concept, at the moment, has been...
  9. RedKnight21

    Fallen Companion Gear Suggestion (Poll and Discussion)

    Sorry, I did not mean to sound serious either lol. I would also like to see dueling for armor, but I haven't heard any news on a dueling system in singleplayer.
  10. RedKnight21

    Midgame gameplay suggestion

    This is actually a pretty good idea. Haven't done a singleplayer run for about half a year, is it worth trying again?
    I've actually heard that a bunch of bugs have popped up and their currently trying to get it fixed. Also I would wait until they get the new terrain system up within the next couple of patch notes before starting a new campaign
  11. RedKnight21

    Midgame gameplay suggestion

    It seems like midgame gameplay is really boring right now. We need more ways to build our own kingdom if we trying to play independently from the main factions(Kingdoms).
    I think it would be a good idea to have some abandoned villages maybe even castles that we can buy (or just take without starting a war with a major faction).
    Also would be nice to have some small and independent (from main Kingdoms) clans that we can (fight, trade, conquer) without declaring war on the entire faction.
    That would make midgame and entire independent gameplay more logical and enjoyable.
    While I like this suggestion, I can't really see this being possible anytime soon. Since its not an easy fix and there are so many other things that the devs and community are prioritizing right now like modding tools, multiplayer, and other necessary base game mechanics and fixes.
  12. RedKnight21

    Fallen Companion Gear Suggestion (Poll and Discussion)

    I think any armor and weapons of the dead should go to their heirs only. Once you give some equipment to a NPC to wear, it's his, so it's doubly inappropriate to strip it back off his corpse.
    Only if he has no natural heirs and he wrote a will making you the sole heir, you could take it off, but you should still be viewed as a graverobber in a polite company.
    That is true, I agree that it should go back to the family members. But no one in the clan, besides yourself, has any heirs, and the non-family companions do not have any family lineage. I am not suggesting taking the gear from other fallen lords outside of your own clan, unless its your fallen enemy. I believe the gear should fall into their own clan leaders inventory.

    Historically fallen nobles loot was given to the family. Nobles who died in battle were not just left in there armor and buried on the spot. There was a ceremony. The three main ways medieval soldiers obtain armor was through inheritance, gear from dead enemies on the battle field, and renting armor from lords. Because owning and maintaining gear is expensive and heavy. It might seem inappropriate, but its the medieval era not the present time.

    With this in mind, its more likely that the gear you gave to the companion is being rented out rather than being given to keep forever. Which is why you can take and remove the gear at anytime of there existence. Plus no one is ever buried, cremated, or laid to rest with the clothes they died wearing in modern times.

    Everything you currently suggested like wills and inheritance is sadly to complicated right now. I am more focused on a simple fix to help the players game experience.
  13. RedKnight21

    Fallen Companion Gear Suggestion (Poll and Discussion)

    I have heard of this too, but it has not always worked for me, and during my earlier experience, I didn't even know my companion had perished in battle. So its easy for players to forget or miss there death in the screen.
  14. RedKnight21

    Fallen Companion Gear Suggestion (Poll and Discussion)

    Hello, I wanted to discuss a possible change to the companion gear system. My suggestion is the player, (who is the head of the clan), receives the battle armor/weapons/horse, of fallen family members or clan members. Description: In order to receive their loot, the fallen members must be in...
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