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  1. Kharille

    How effective were bows in actual history?

    Heard some comments about how bows were overpowered. I think I read some reviews about an older game, Warrior Kings which is near 20 years old where they have the same problem. Are there good examples of how they got crushed by infantry? What about windswept areas like Scotland? Is it...
  2. Kharille

    Did anyone fix ransoms?

    I think the only option is to rescue the prisoner. But surely it would be an easy fix to enable paying off the lords? Did any mod fix this issue?
  3. Kharille

    Aging, negativity, your prime or post prime... - your thoughts?

    Maybe its not an issue I've had to think about but I'm starting to see a lot of negativity from people in their 50s plus who seem to have issues.  I suppose its a big issue when everything is declining and theres certainly no way out.  Not such an issue for me, managed to adapt to knee arthritis...
  4. Kharille

    Food amongst the loot?

    Some question that I wanted to raise, how is it you never get food in loot?  Shouldn't it be easy to deal with hunger by attacking other parties and grabbing their baggage?  Any info on this?
  5. Kharille

    Friendly fire game mechanics?

    Not sure how the game works but do you think there may be a mod or the means to mod a game so that there is more friendly fire?  Might be a good reason to make you order your archers to hold fire, and also should you decide to run ahead of your troops.  I keep hearing those arrows whistling by...
  6. Kharille

    Has anyone gotten into VR?

    Figure my next desktop will be capable of VR and I'd be inclined to try out the experience.  Just curious whether anyone here has been getting into it  Any favourite games?  Care to tell us about your specs?  What VR games are you playing?
  7. Kharille

    Anyone familiar with geiger counters?

    I remember buying some cheap high school constructs on ebay maybe 10 years ago.  One issue was I didn't have a radioactive source to test it, and if you left it on you might hear a click hear and there.  Maybe that is reassuring but you wouldn't know if its working.  Then theres geiger counters...
  8. Kharille

    Can't get into smoking despite years of trying...

    Just curious.  Often lived with smokers for most of my life.  I find it odourous and creates a lot of dust in the home.  Yet even in years back when it was bad I tried to take it up but I think in my lifetime I've only enjoyed 2 cigars, despite probably smoking 200-300 of them in the past 25...
  9. Kharille

    Who's going to do the music for Bannerlord?

    I think Warband was done by the Russian National Orchestra, at least thats what I recall looking at IMDB.  Good work, I didn't get into modding until 6 months after discovering warband.  Wonder if there is any info on who's going to create the music?
  10. Kharille

    Dragon Warriors early 80's rpg system - pdf available for free

    I'm an old fan.  Looks like they're giving it away. PDF$39.95 now $0.00
  11. Kharille

    Have you considered being an Organ Donor?

    I figure if I ever get into this I'll probably get a tattoo.  Barcode maybe or something serious.  What I saw on google image search wasn't encouraging.  I'm sure if I can't use it maybe someone else can, just I still feel disturbed by it. So do you have one of those cards?  Are you actively...
  12. Kharille

    Why are orcs hated? - 1d4chan wiki link Was reading this wiki on orcs and I realized that they were pretty advanced: Tolkien's Orcs are not stupid. They are capable of making weapons (bows, spears, daggers, shields and curved swords), armor (helmets, mail and scale armor), good (if unpleasant) medicine...
  13. Kharille

    Famous sappers?

    I'm part of a small community of niche rpgers who love Dragon Warriors that was created by Dave Morris in the 80's.  It has been rereleased in drivethru with some minor changes.  Its inspired me to do some work for creating a new character profession based on sappers.  I'm just curious as to...
  14. Kharille

    Phoenix Point Turn based squad level combat by 80's game designer Julian Gollop Funny, did a search and didn't find any xcom related thread in the first page.  I think people were talking about xenonauts way back.  I just want to take this opportunity to mention that as far as I'm concerned Julian is one of the best game...
  15. Kharille

    How often do you change your PC?

    Never got into managing my hardware.  But it seems that rather than upgrading components I should just get a contemporary computer with other parts upgraded too.  My current PC I've had for coming on 3 years.  Before that, I had a 7 year old PC which was good enough for old games.  So how old is...
  16. Kharille

    Climate resistance - Mongols and others?

    I remember a quick history series on history which said that the Mongolians managed to take Moscow, or something to that effect.  When I compare the climates of Ulaan Bator to Moscow I think I can see why, its bloody cold in Ulaan Bator.  Not sure to what extent Ulaan Bator was the capital as...
  17. Kharille

    Any recommended VR games?

    Wonder whether there are games that are good to play and whether its worth while to invest in a new computer with superior hardware, oculus and all.  Anyone recommend any games?
  18. Kharille

    Historic battles against the odds

    I am really impressed by some of these historic battles that seem to go against any presumed outcome.  One notable one which comes to mind is Oda Nobunaga's 2000 vs 25,000.  Don't have the wiki link but its not hard to find.  Then theres others, like this one which has a film made up about it. ...
  19. Kharille

    Entomophagy, vegetarianism and other energy efficient diets

    Seems the Economist keeps promoting entomophagy through their ice creams with grasshoppers in it.  I've tried some foods and I hear they're trying to get this up and running in the Netherlands.  How do you feel about chomping on bugs?  Would you mind it if your mcdonalds burger had 'protein...
  20. Kharille

    Binging on cheese and other foods...

    I remember in the 90's in the UK I couldn't finish more than 200g of cheese.  Couldn't handle that much grease.  These days I can readily eat 300g of double gloucester or red leceister.  Was about to do so, can't be worse than cigarettes or alcohol but I noticed 6g of salt in every 100g. ...
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