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  1. JosieJ

    Roleplay-related questions

    I get that you're busy squashing bugs, implementing features and tweaking balance issues, but I had a few questions about some issues that aren't necessarily broken, but do affect how I play my character. I wasn't sure where else to post them. I'm playing on 1.5.1, by the way. 1. What is the...
  2. JosieJ

    Faction Balance: what happened to the Khuzaits?!

    What happened in 1.4.3? I thought changes were going to be made so that factions sued for peace when they were at war with more than two factions. Since 1.4.3 dropped (on the main branch), I've restarted this game 3 times and the Khuzaits have routinely been ganged up on by the Northern and...
  3. JosieJ

    Resolved Game unplayable: health continuously decreases

    I just logged on for the first time since 1.4.3 went live and I noticed that my health continuously decreases when I wait, travel, or do anything.
  4. JosieJ

    Resolved Hitbox issues

    Some of the smaller (younger) nobles are literally impossible to hit in tournaments. Arrows fly past them, shield bashes slide over them, nothing hits them. It makes it inevitable that they will win the tournament unless the round is autoresolved (once your PC is knocked out of the round). I...
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