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  1. McDadden

    Reworked Economy tied to troop Upgrades

    Is there a way that there could be a screen added to cities for troop upgrades? It seems strange to be wondering around the world and at any moment I can decide to throw some denars at a man with a shirt and pitchfork and poof; now he's a soldier with a shield and sword or a bow. What if you had...
  2. McDadden

    The real fix for Sturgia

    I'll try to make this as quick as possible. Sturgia is still the weakest faction. I think it's mainly because of their weak noble line. This is why battania is doing better now because they have more access to their fian champion. Either way, each faction has a noble line that feels unique and...
  3. McDadden

    Need More Info Graphical issue, black screen

    I'm having an intermittent screen blackout during battles. It does seem to be more present in larger battles, but has happened in some smaller skirmishes. The only thing I can say to try and replicate it is it happen as soon as the main battle lines clash. You can still see friendly icons over...
  4. McDadden

    Two Handed Hammers

    I'm sure this will be covered at some point, but I just want to make sure just in case. There are basically no greathammers in the game, at all. You can craft two, but they're the same wooden mallet head. With all of the components for every type of weapon including daggers, it seems...
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