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  1. Bearhugger

    Resolved Buying Viking Conquest (when owning Warband on "Taleworlds")

    Hi, I want to buy Viking Conquest. I own Warband already (not the steam version but from taleworlds website). When I want to purchase Viking it says it is for steam. So I hesitate...
  2. Bearhugger

    What version?

    What version of the game do I need for this mod?
  3. Bearhugger

    Sword of Damocles for Warband or Mount&Blade?

    Which one should I play? Which one is more stable and more fun? Which one has more features?
  4. Bearhugger

    What version is most stable?

    I have 4.1. Just started. Should I download 4.55B or does that one still have many bugs?
  5. Bearhugger

    Warband Texture wrong

    The map doesn't show terrain. It shows the sky. In cities many texture just appear red... There are many people with the same problem!
  6. Bearhugger

    Recruiting Faction troops?

    I'm a mercenary of the Swadians. But how can I recruit Swadains?
  7. Bearhugger

    How to level?

    Where can I level my troops and my character without too much harm? I find it hard to assemble a big experienced army to attack my first castle (in order to found the first kingdom)...
  8. Bearhugger

    Freezes in castles sieges

    The game never hangs, except for castle sieges. I already turned down the number of men. I now get constantly over 60 fps in sieges. But why does it freeze? EDIT: it also says RGL error sometimes...
  9. Bearhugger

    Own kingdom?

    Can I start my own kingdom in this mod? If so, how?
  10. Bearhugger

    Best Units (by class)

    I wanna know what faction has the best: - archers - crossbowmen - Infantry - Mounted close combat - Mounted archery - Mounted throwing - Mounted crossbow (?) Can you help me with that?
  11. Bearhugger

    How to run my own kingdom?

    Isn't that a feature? How does it work? I'm currently a vassal of the swadians and can crush anything in my path (with Lady Knights)  :D
  12. Bearhugger

    Quest lines

    Can I join a faction and still do all quests (Feron,...)? And where do I get those quests?
  13. Bearhugger


    Do wounds on companions stay forever? If not, how long will they stay?
  14. Bearhugger

    Strongest armor in the game?

    What's the value of the strongest armor in this mod? The best I found was 70 body 45 leg... EDIT: Another question: Is it possible to benefit from skills over 10 (like athletics, weapon master)?
  15. Bearhugger

    Available armor too weak?

    In this mod the damage is much increased due to better weapons. The armors however are not that high. Best I've seen was 65 body armor and cost was 95k. This way the player character often dies when having taken one or two hits. What do you think about this? EDIT: Ah, and btw I heard about...
  16. Bearhugger


    Where to put the files in the texture pack? Especially the folders "Arena armour", "Great Helms" and "Surcoats and Shields"?
  17. Bearhugger

    Own kingdom, how to?

    How exactly can I start my own kingdom? I'm not at war with anyone, because I'm not in a faction. So I can't attack any village...
  18. Bearhugger

    Better Missions?

    I find some missions very boring (like "gather cattle" or "train x units"), is there any mod that has unique missions? perhaps like those in "The Last Days"?
  19. Bearhugger

    Boring Missions

    I find native missions boring (those that don't include fighting that is)... Are there any mods with new missions? Every mod that I tried had the same "gather cattle", "deliver message" stuff. I wanna fight! (if you get my meaning)  :wink: EDIT: The missions in "The Last Days" mod, those were...
  20. Bearhugger

    What kind of units?

    What kind of units are all the units in this mod? For example: "Veteran Warlord": Is it a foot unit, does it have throwing weapons? or "Veteran Goliath": foot unit? what weapons? Reason is, I wanna choose between Swadian, Rhodok or Nord. But don't know yet... Perhaps you guys can help me...
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