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  1. WookieWarlord

    Best laptop for under 2k?

    2000 New Zealand dollars that is, roughly 1600 USD. I recently acquired some money and I've been meaning to get a laptop for quite some time. Originally I planned to just get one I can type notes on at uni, but alas, my ego can not permit a meager laptop. Thus I am now after the best I can get...
  2. WookieWarlord

    Me and Havoc had an argument.

    Unedited: [talking about blizzard games, mentioned how they have many great successes.] OctoDonk: Basically, **** games. WookieWarlord: what? OctoDonk: Diablo I and II are overrated, Diablo III is a ****fest apparently (Its online only, they BLOCK mods and they have a cash shop)... I'll...
  3. WookieWarlord


    Hello taleworldians. Play my game or die horribly.
  4. WookieWarlord

    [M] Coming this August..

    Presents.. More screenshots, here, here and here.
  5. WookieWarlord

    MP Sci-Fi Fantasy [WB] Warhammer 40K

                                                                                                In the 41st Millennium mankind has spread its race and glory to over a million worlds throughout the far reaches of the Galaxy. But Humanity's expansion, in fact, its very existence, has not gone...
  6. WookieWarlord

    Warband New Races

    I have a big headache after trying to add a new race (or even modifying existing one) for multiplayer warband. The game crashes when ever I put a new body part in one of the skins in module_skins. Is there somewhere else I have to define the bodyparts (eg body mesh, head mesh)? Adding new...
  7. WookieWarlord

    Help with a script

    I have this:         ("camp_scout_watchtower", [], "Hire some scouts to patrol your fort's nearby area.",             [(store_troop_gold, ":gold_amount", "trp_player"),             (try_begin),               (eq, "$scout_amount", 0),               (assign, "$cost", 1000),            ...
  8. WookieWarlord

    'summoning' script

    Can someone help me with a script that checks if the party has a certain troop in it, and how many of them there are, and puts a certain amount of visitor troops with them when you start a battle. For example on the Chronicles of Talera mod, they have a troop called 'Shaleron Champions' or...
  9. WookieWarlord

    horse skeleton

    Hi there, would someone please upload their horse_skeleton resource for me? I broke mine :roll: I would be grateful...
  10. WookieWarlord

    Firearms sound

    Hi there, I put a new sound in the sounds folder of my module, and changed a firearm from its default sound to that sound. When testing in game, upon firing the firearm, some error strings come up and the sound does not play. There is no file called module_sounds so what am I doing wrong? Cheers.
  11. WookieWarlord

    Faction Villagers

    Hi guys, is it possible to have a different villager troop for each faction? or can you only modify the existing villager troop....? I ask this because my mod (Giants vs Dwarves) has different races eg elves and dwarves, and it is rather odd to have humans as villagers for them all, and i cant...
  12. WookieWarlord

    SP Fantasy Giants versus Dwarves - v0.2 released

                                      GIANTS VS DWARVES BETA please read this before you download! This is a beta version, there are many bugs and glitches, which you can report here on the thread, however please don't repeatedly post the same bugs! I will attempt to fix the bugs as you post them...
  13. WookieWarlord

    new village

    ive created a new village, which is automatically in the swadian faction. the village factions all say fac_neutral, and when i change it it dosnt change, how can i change its faction? also i want to make the village recruit specific units, i found the recruit volunteer script, and it has the...
  14. WookieWarlord


    hi guys, i recently added some giants to my mod using the awesome tutorial by cdvader: and i have a few questions regarding the module system. for some reason, my compiler throws an error when i give a troop an attribute of higher than 30 (and i want my giants to have higher than 30 strength)...
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