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    CLANG - A Swordfighting Simulator

    Clang demo is out for Kickstarter backers. Looks interesting. Edit: The KS campaign has reached its goal with some 30 hours to spare. That was pretty close, but looks like this thing is getting made after all. *bouts of celebratory...
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    Version 1.150 - 1.151 - 1.152 - 1.153 - 1.154

    Excuse me if this is a stupid question, but apparently Steam just updated my Warband to version 1.150. Is there a changelog for this somewhere? I've tried searching but came up with nothing.
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    What exactly does sexism do?

    Yeah, fairly simple question. What does it do? So far I've only noticed one thing it affects, namely whether or not kings give you fiefs when you first join up - with sexism on, they will give a fief to a man but not to a woman. So what else does this setting affect? And what exactly is the...
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    Black Screen Woes

    My WB started acting up. It runs perfectly fine, up to the point where I either exit it or tab out. Then I get a black screen. The computer doesn't lock up, if I have something in the background I can still get sound from that (eg. winamp), but the system doesn't respond to any input, so the...
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    Carry bastard sword like a two-hander?

    A simple question: Is it possible to make a bastard sword that is usable with a shield but is held vertically like a two-hander by the character when used separately? As far as I can tell, that is controlled by the "two handed" flag, but that makes it unusable with a shield. Any other way? I'm...
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    Can't get female version of armor to show

    Okay, so I'm trying to retexture the Heraldic Mail with Tabard and make it into a regular piece of armor that doesn't change texture according to the banner. I've managed to accomplish that, except the armor doesn't change into the slim female version when equipped by a woman. I have no idea...
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    [BUG] Food morale bug still present in WB

    Aaaaaand... Yeah. Magelord's tweak to fix this is incompatible with WB, btw. Oh joy is me. :|
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    [BUG] I didn't know the Black Rock was a Sea Raider ship.....

    I guess they were so eager to get to the killing, raping, and plundering that they just kept going when they hit the shore. :lol:
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    [BUG] 1.105 Huge hitbox discrepancies

    Just look at that! Look how far away from me that axe is, yet it still hit me. Assuming a similar discrepancy on the other side, my character presents a target about twice her actual size.
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    [BUG] Companion morale not displaying properly

    The overall party morale is displayed in the lower right corner of the party screen, but it's also possible to see a single unit's morale in the middle by cliking on that unit. With redshirts it's obviously the same as party morale, but companions have their morale tracked separately, and it...
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    [DESIGN FLAW] No reinforcements in bandit lairs

    Yes, I get it, narrow approach, so only a few can get through at a time. But why on earth don't more arrive when the initial few are inevitably slaughtered? I've been trying to wipe out a lair of tundra bandits, and they keep killing my small group of knights with their ranged weapons. There's...
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    [BUG] WB causes random reboots

    Couldn't find anything on this, so here goes. Playing WB causes my computer to restart. No bluescreen, no error message, just going along one moment and then looking at the bios inicialization screen the next. The only pattern I've been able to discern is that it happens during scene...
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    [BUG] Shield forcefield 1.104

    I get the idea that a shield is a shield is a shield, however the implementation doesn't really work. People running towards me hold their shield to the side, yet shooting them only results in the arrow being magically sucked into the shield. In fact, I'm finding it easier to shoot people when...
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    Things that have not improved

    So this is basically a thread for me and others to whine about things that were wrong with M&B and that we'd hoped would get fixed in WB. I do enjoy the game very much, but I still can't help feeling disappointed that some of these problems have not been addressed. I thought it would be...
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    Second in command

    One of the criticisms I hear a lot from other players (as well as myself) is that the battle is lost whenever the player character is knocked out. You've conquered the city walls, cleared out the streets, you're already fighting the last remnant of the enemy in the keep, but oops, you've been...
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    Claimant becoming lord?

    Okay, so in my current game I brought the Vaegirs to the brink of ruin. Then, with only one Vaegir castle left, prince Vladym's rebellion was more of a swift coup d'état instead of the usual drawn out bloody struggle. And then I promptly rebelled on him as well, conquered that one castle, and...
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    [1.011] Archer animation bug & moon bug

    Okay, two cosmetic issues that don't really imact the game but nevertheless irk me. Firstly, archer animations will occasionally get stuck when issued the order to hold fire, resulting in this: The archer will just stand there and hold the undrawn bow in front of himself like that. It's a...
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    [1.011] Weird performance issues and RGL error in spy quest

    Recently I've began experiencing weird FPS drops in battles, but only in battles taking place in non-snowy forest areas. Interestinly, the moment the last enemy dies the FPS skyrockets back to normal levels. Secondly, I just got this: That's the first time this has happened to me, that quest...
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    Minimod - horses in chests?

    The question is simple: How to enable storing horses in chests? See, this has really bugged me for a while. Yes, I know putting a horse into a box that size is ridiulous, but in reality you couldn't put fifty suits of armor in it either. IMO the chest is just a simplified representation of the...
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    Spy party split generates an error

    So I followed the spy out of Praven and he rendezvoused with the other quest party. I didn't feel like fighting them at night, so I parked next to them and waited. After a few moments I got this when the merged party split up again: The error doesn't seem to have affected the game in any way...
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