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  1. irondeath

    Unresolved Massive FPS Drops During Sieges

    Got the same problem and I'm with RTX2070
  2. irondeath

    Víkingr Jomsborg Event ( 23th February 2017) 18:00 GMT

    It was a good event. Well done! Was nice to see so many players at vikingr again. :smile:
  3. irondeath

    Vikingr is NOT dead event | Temporarily stopped (more info in the thread)

    It was a nice event. Well done. :smile:
  4. irondeath

    The Mead Hall

  5. irondeath

    The Mead Hall

    Found this interesting map showing the places of 2500 memorable battles of the world history.  :smile:
  6. irondeath

    Vikingr is NOT dead event | Temporarily stopped (more info in the thread)

    Thank you for making this event. It was great to see so many old and new faces fighting together once again.  ^^
  7. irondeath

    HILDILEIKR – official Víkingr server

    Ah sweet memories indeed.  :cool:
  8. irondeath

    The Mead Hall

    Dansk viking said:
    Seems like they used Danish actors for most of the Danes, it's quite jarring to listen to their pronunciation for me as a Dane, but I guess it's kind of cool. The thing that's disturbing me most about it at the moment is the costume design (including weapons and shields); how hard can it be to get it right? Why do we need silly looking, studded, non-practical leather armour, square shields, and weird, gilded, browed helmets?

    Yhea I noted the same thing but I guess their budget is low so they use whatever they can find. =/

  9. irondeath

    The Mead Hall

    The Last Kingdom started, any impressions about the series?
  10. irondeath

    VIENNA 1683 - historical event - General topic

    1. Nick in game: Thorvaldr_Erlinga
    2. Language group: English
    Preferred side if it is possible: Polish-German

  11. irondeath

    The Mead Hall

    Just going to leave this here! :smile:
  12. irondeath

    The Mead Hall

    Aethel said:

    They also used that^ for Witcher 2's trailer.
    This is the trailer version:

    Swedish band, I think.

    Thanks for the sharing, it is really good.  :smile:
  13. irondeath

    The Mead Hall

    Damn it, just thanks to The Witcher 3 found this awesome Polish folk band called Percival!
    Why no one of you told me for the existence of this gem earlier.
    They got tons of great Slavic songs and even one called Jomsborg.  ^^
    The sounding of some songs reminds me for some stuff from Wardruna.
  14. irondeath

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    It was a great event! Big thanks to everyone involved in it.
  15. irondeath

    [VIDEO] The Val De Saire Battle

    Thank you for the video. Good work with the intro about the battle. :smile:
  16. irondeath

    Vikingr Duel Tournament

    Interesting idea, sounds fun. Would sign if this event occur. :smile:
  17. irondeath

    You have a new player.

    Welcome! :smile:
  18. irondeath


    What the...
    Such a devastating news...

    See you on the other side brother!

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