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  1. Figulus

    Kudos to the makers of Realistic Battle Mod and

    I've reverted back to 1.5.9 and thought I'd try out this mod since I've read many good things about it. I've got to say, it's bloody marvelous.

    Tournaments are now pretty damn challenging especially at the start because armour really does something and the AI are like Bruce Lee with the nunchucks. Fighting lords in their fancy armour can be difficult when you're doing 2-3 damage per hit. You have to go for the eyes boo!

    Battles are great too. Horse archers actually do what they used to do and keep a respectful distance from infantry.

    It's like a whole new game. Armour values actually make sense too (for the most part).

    Well done!
    Boo ,where it all began..for me at least.
  2. Figulus

    Beta Test Burnout.

    Meh. I play until I don't feel like it. Then I play something else.

    Sooner or later I come back once enough time has passed, or if an update or DLC makes it exciting again.

    I just started playing Total War Attila again because I realised Medieval Kingdoms 1212 has updated, I hadn't played it in 2 years...

    It's just how games go...

    Funny , I played that recently too!
  3. Figulus

    Thoughts on the Late Game? Any Benefit of being a King?

    I would say when you in one way or another have power equal to a large faction. Either by creating one, being voted the leader of one (that's in a good position/powerful) or have independently taken a factions worth of of fiefs demonstrating your clans power to take out a faction.
    I would say it's when the "struggle" has ended and you can confidently take on any enemy and grow your faction/holdings as the apex power.
    I doesn't mean you have too, you could take it slow, but just having that power make it a different game state then before.
    Sounds fair , it's weird but the state you describe is one I yearn for at the beginning but when I get there I feel the challenge has gone and want to start again...that's probably why I don't finish many games...reroll when the challenge has gone. Catch 22. :wink:
  4. Figulus

    Beta Test Burnout.

    I get burnt out pretty easily actually. That's why I normally skip several versions. So I did a full run on 1.5.4, then came back and did another one in 1.5.9. I dont think a single update is usually worth a new play through.
    Agreed , even though 1.5.10 seems big enough to warrant a new campaign i've heard it's still unstable so i'll wait..Currently gone retro with Kingmaker Pathfinder , good so far.
  5. Figulus

    Beta Test Burnout.

    Yeah getting burnt out is something to consider. I play a lot but I will stop when I feel close to burnt out, so I can play when a new update comes out.
    AT least when the game is finished you will likely also have more full conversion mods.
    Aye , true enough.
  6. Figulus

    Thoughts on the Late Game? Any Benefit of being a King?

    What's the definition of late game?
  7. Figulus

    Beta Test Burnout.

    Hi, I'm a huge Warband fan and Middling Bannerlord Fan. I can say that because I bought Bannerlord at Launch and have played the Beta Branch up to 1.5.9 where I gave up. I still play Warband. There are a two main reasons (+loads of niggling little ones) I stopped playing , the first one is...
  8. Figulus

    Bannerlord needs to learn from Warband

    Here are some major things Warband did that Bannerlord needs to implement and improve upon.

    1: If you're trying to marry a lady, you just have to pay the clan leader. It's not about building your relationship with a lord to get them to support your endeavors like it was in Warband, you just meet this lady one time complete a really stupid mini-game pay the lord some money, and bam you're married. What I cannot fathom is the fact that this system was handled much better 10 years ago! You had to meet the lady you wanted to marry and slowly build your relation, you had to know her protector and have a good relationship with him. You had to wait for a decent time to hold the wedding, and above all, there was an actual wedding cutscene. Now, you can get married within 2 minutes and it has no weight whatsoever.

    2: Lords are lifeless: Somehow, the only interactions you can have with lords are quests and the awful marriage-related interactions. Warband handled lords much better:

    3: Each lord felt like a distinct person, they had their own banner, fiefs, and you had to individually build relations with them. Now, the only meaningful lords are clan leaders, everyone else is basically a useless muppet. They all have the same banner, if you build relations with one lord in a clan you build relations with the entire clan. What's the point of those other lords besides just more manpower? I think taleworlds misused the clan mechanic, it could have been a really interesting feature where each clan basically acted as a mini kingdom and had its own power struggles, distinct features from other clans, etc but it was severly mishandled.

    4: Building relations with lords actually had a purpose: If you wanted to get more fiefs in Warband, you had to have good relations with lords so they would support you over someone else. (another point about this, in some factions good relations with the king mattered more than relations with lords in getting fiefs. AKA each faction played slightly differently, they weren't all just copy and pasted with different troops, if you wanted more fiefs it would be best to pick certain factions over others becuase certain kings liked giving out fiefs to their vassels more.) Nowadays, you dont need to have good relations with clans. If you have enough settlements you will just gain influence which you can use to pretty much automatically get a fief, and that leads into my next point.

    5: Deciding who should get the fief made a lot more sense. In warband, if a lord had enough support, he would get the fief. Now, you can choose to support one of three 3 random clans by pouring in influence. No interaction with lords, just a random kingdom decision screen. I don't think my clan has been a candidate for a new fief in over 15 in game years. Please fix this, it's awful and way, WAY worse than it was in Warband, a 10-year-old game.

    6: Please add a control and space movement key. The current traveling speed is far too slow, especially since the map is a lot larger.

    If you can think of other things feel free to suggest them.
    I've been saying this from the start..villages used to be fiefs in their own right too. You joined a clan got issued a village , fought wars got acclaim , went to feasts , wooed a lady , worked your way up to a castle and then eventually a town...
  9. Figulus

    (2/2) Ideas From A Long Time M&B Player - Discussion is Welcomed

    I agree with you , when I played mount and blade warband I didn't want another total war ,I wanted to role play a knight in the midieval ages ,those activities they removed such as wedding and feasts and courtships were immersive , I feel the devs are making a mistake by trying to make this game more like "mount and blade Total War", all I wanted in Bannerlord 6 years ago is more advanced Sieges more quests and bigger cities better diplomacy but the devs are stuffing the game with complicated **** they even struggle to make it work ,while they could have made It simpler and more fun.
  10. Figulus

    Any word on working traits?

    Yes, I've noticed this as well. My characters wife Leina (valour 1) does not like running away either and I've noticed Ingalther (also valour 1) being fine throwing himself in unlikely odds, whilst Derthert (cautious 1) only willingly engages if the odds are incredibly in his favour or will remain on the defensive even if we should probably be taking the initiative. But yes, hopefully when the time comes traits give some variance to the way lords behave in all situations. Would be cool to see honourable lords not raid (or only raid if they have to, or were commanded to) or let the player go free after combat.

    This brings up a topic I have been hoping to discuss here for a while, and probably will make an OP if I can summon the time; The WB patient on shadow of wars "nemesis system". If you are unaware I implore you to read about it -- but essentially in short WB has patented a video game mechanic (or so it seems). When it comes down to brass tacks the 'nemesis system' and the way warbands characters remember events and will seek out revenge on the character or each other actually have a lot in common.

    Has anyone else had a similar worry or train of thought?
    Aye nemesis would be cool , kind of here already in a very small way as if you raid someone's village doesn't it increase the chance of yours being so raided?
  11. Figulus

    Any word on working traits?

    what do these traits do? I've never put much thought until i seen this thread. I almost always get valor in every playthrough tho i've never understood why. Are these important in any way?
    Think the're work in progress.
  12. Figulus

    Does sandbox mode allow mods?

    Sometimes game crashes if the savegame was made one of few patches before the current version of the game.
    Also, sometimes mods should be updated or they can cause bugs/crashes when the game is loaded.
  13. Figulus

    Does sandbox mode allow mods?

    Hi , Thought i'd have a go at sandbox and created a character (several in fact) but every time i go to load the save the game crashes. So I ask does sandbox mode allow mods? (as I have a few which work fine for campaign) Cheers.
  14. Figulus

    Question: is there anyway to disable death in combat without disabling birth and old age?

    is there anyway to disable death in combat i found it really annoying and unrealistic that in every army battle the leader of my kingdom commit a suicide attack and dies and most of my lords follow the same it makes the game map feel empty with so many lords dead
    Nope. There is a mod on Nexus (several for diff versions) though.
  15. Figulus

    Any word on working traits?

    I read somewhere else here that you start with a manually added trait, but after you begin the game's calculations start, so you'll lose it fairly quick if you aren't doing the things that keep that trait.
    Yep , figures.
  16. Figulus

    Kudos Devs in fixing drag & drop on party screen. (1.5.9)

    Hi , Credit where credit's due.
  17. Figulus

    Any word on working traits?

    I didn't actively tested it, but I never lost this trait.
    Chasing routed troops may reduce your Valor score (or other trait aswell).
    Ah , you may have a point! I'll cease chasing routers and see what happens.
  18. Figulus

    Name 3 features you would like to see implemented in the next - not yet started - update / patch !

    Howdy Fellow Forumites,

    It bothered me for some time that our voice is not very well organized. I believe this may be the "data backed up vox populi" or "fans priorities list". I will gather the data, voluntarily wrap up and prepare simple statistics for those after 1 week - 10 days time.

    I'd be easier for me to see the replies in the format proposed below:

    1. Feature name - short descr. (link to existing thread is also a good option !) - 9 points
    2. Feature name - short descr. - 3 points
    3. Feature name - short descr. - 1 point

    Many of us would like to see some of the features beind worked on but i find it very chaotic and spread across the whole lenght and width of the forum.

    My example:

    1. Nerf Smithing - its so much OP right now.
    2. Utilize rebel clans - currently there is no purpose they should exists apart from the single act of rebelion.
    3. Rework economy - i believe trade require more polishing, and skill itself should affect things, plus reaching 300 is damn hard and painful.

    P.S. Small suggestion - > I also believe we shouldn't judge anybody's ideas here as this is not the point of this study/thread.

    I hope you like the idea and participate :wink: !

    Regards !!
    1.Feasts a la Warband. Gathering of Nobles to increase relations / scope suitors.
    2.Working Traits. Cos they don't.
    3.More control over own parties. Tell them where and who to fight/recruit/patrol.
    4.Better diplomacy. Ally/non agression/trade agreements /etc.
    5.Agree with all yours.
  19. Figulus

    Any word on working traits?

    Hi , Has anyone heard a response from the devs on when traits are going to work? Start every playthrough with one in valor and lose it in first battle...etc.etc.. Cheers..
  20. Figulus

    Hey Devs..

    No! the game is played as Taleworlds dictates. Everyone with the same colours, so we don't get confused and pew pew a green instead of a red :iamamoron: .

    I'm kidding, obviously. If you want to complement the POC mod I recommend Custom Banners and Uniforms Pack (CBUPack) from my boi Piconi.
    Ah well , i've always struggled to control my pew pew. :wink:
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