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  1. Viking2419

    Character always looking away from the view

    I spent a lot of time creating my character's hair, beard, and face features. I want to be able to see my character's face anytime when I turn the camera to him but if is so frustrating that I can't never see my character's face because when I look at him he immediately looks away from the...
  2. Viking2419

    Resolved Leave Kingdom Button doesn't work

    I became King of Vlandia few weeks ago but now I want to leave the Vlandian kingdom and start my own kingdom. I can't leave the kingdom because the button to leave kingdom doesn't work. I doesn't give me the option to press the button.
  3. Viking2419

    Stop troops upgrading in army and in castles/cities

    Can you put a button to start or stop upgrading each troop type in your army and in cities/castles.
  4. Viking2419

    battle scenes with too many trees and bushes

    Some battle scenes have 1000s of tall forest trees to the point that you can't really move anywhere without hitting a tree. Other scenes have this thousands of green bushes about 6ft tall everywhere, you can't even see your own troops next to you or enemy troops. Warband was great because it was...
  5. Viking2419

    Winter battle scenes have too much green grass/bushes

    Winter Battle scenes used to look beautiful in warband because you didn't have so much green grass all over the snow. In Bannerlord you added so much green bushes and wild grass that you just took away the enjoyment of fighting during the winter. Please just leave the beautiful snow and remove...
  6. Viking2419

    Resolved In e1.5.8 Beta, Inventory, trade and party menu buttons images keep loading forever.

    In e1.5.8 Beta, Inventory, trade and party menu buttons images keep loading forever.
  7. Viking2419

    In Progress During Battle Entire Cavalry Follows 1 Horse Troop and Leaves Infantry Outnumbered

    During Battle I sent to attack my infantry 20 troops and cavalry 40 horse troops against enemy infantry 40 troops and 2 horse troops. It should be an easy win but the problem is that all my 40 Horse troops go after the 2 enemy horse troops leaving alone and outnumbered my infantry 20 troops...
  8. Viking2419

    Need More Info General Modding beta Unable to find texture: ui_charactercreation_1

    I installed e1.5.7 and modding tool beta. When I start the game, I get errors "unable to find texture: ui_charactercreation_1 and ui_charactercreation_2". I am able to run the game but the character creation page is not working. Control+E doesn't lunch the modding tools either. Thanks
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