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  1. DSparil


    Hello, on the map screen I get the following error quite often: SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1610: Invalid Troop ID: 3632; LINE NO: 8: At script: cf_recruit_individual_merc. At script: cf_recruit_individual_merc. At script: cf_recruit_individual_merc. At script: hire_men_to_kingdom_hero_party. At...
  2. DSparil

    WGRealms 2: Siegebreaker A nice freeware 90's style FPS, action packed and utterly chaotic, good for releasing stress after a hard day of work.
  3. DSparil

    Ancalimon is the new CEO of the History Channel

    So what the hell happenned with them? I've been watching said channel for the last few days and all I've seen are: -some dudes trying to catch bigfoot with traps -A greek guy with a fake tan and hilarious hair talking about how aliens built every single ancient building and taught humans all...
  4. DSparil

    Question for DX7 players

    Heya, do you guys get dull loking armor (as in no metal shine) and bright looking trees? (no shadows on them, look bright even at night). The question is that I've had this problem with M&B forever, however a patch was made for the original game that fixed it, but now that I got Warband I had to...
  5. DSparil

    Torchlight Very fun action-rpg. It's an obvious Diablo clone (in fact, part of the development team is made of people who worked on said game, and Matt Uelmen composed the music) but it's very well done, haven't enjoyed a game of this genre so much since Diablo II. Also it's...
  6. DSparil

    Murond Concepts

    Here it is, it ain't pretty, but it's readable. Some of the changes we had discussed with Jan way back then, some others I just came up with. Lots of free spots on the map for anyone to claim.
  7. DSparil

    TEATRC Source That's all folks! :razz: Special thanks to Corvid, Nikephoros, toonknight and Venitius for their unwavering support. Add ninjas, tigers, robots, zombies, or whatever else you want, just make sure you have fun :smile:
  8. DSparil

    Error with Prentender's strings

      ("swadian_rebellion_pretender_intro",    "I am Archduke Leopold, brother of Sigismund, and if Swadia is to be saved, I must become Emperor."),   ("vaegir_rebellion_pretender_intro",    "My name is Yarih, half brother of King Leiss by our father, King Gleb. I am... or at least was, the...
  9. DSparil

    Bling Bling Haelmar.

    The Haelmar Union is Queen Margaret's doing. Although it was formed trough diplomacy and not war, the shadow of the dreaded Haelmarian Hackapells was always on the background. Grizzled veterans of the Laurian-Bermian-Haelmar wars, this men knew no end to their bloodlust, and terrified their...
  10. DSparil

    Icewind Dale 2

    So, I've had this game for years, beating it at least 3 or 4 times. I'm about to play it again. However one of the things that bother me the most is the lack of companions. You create the whole party and it gives a sense of emptyness in terms of roleplaying, no banters, no fights, nothing. So, I...
  11. DSparil

    Do you need LODs?

    So, for some reason that I cannot comprehend, I feel like making LODs. If you are in need of them drop me a PM or post here. Keep in mind that if the object is rigged you'll have to re-rigg it afterwards. That's all I guess. See ya. Bye.
  12. DSparil

    Early version of TEATRC's map of the world

    *CLICK TO ENLARGE* :D Made by the awesome, incredible and sexy Jan Boruta. It's still not finished, as some of the names on this one have been changed and he is editing it. Once it's done it will be put on another topic with the factions. BUT the reason for this early topic is not only to...
  13. DSparil

    The Eagle & The Radiant Cross Artwork

    It seems the mod's setting and story has inspired some people to draw and paint about it. I was certainly not expecting something like this!, so I'm very grateful to you guys for it. This thread is to show all the artwork that has been done so far. Some of the images are buried deep within old...
  14. DSparil

    The Eagle & The Radiant Cross Chapter Two - Feedback & Suggestions

    Its been many years since the Laurian invasion of northern Calradia. Queen Imelda's idea of capturing the port towns has proven a much more difficult task than she had anticipated. Yet she has no intention of giving up. The occupation of those cities would provide Lauria with complete control of...
  15. DSparil

    I don't know **** about PCs, help.

    Well, Baldur's Gate blew the 2 hard drives I had at home. So now Im PCless. However I can borrow a HD, the thing is, Im afraid of screwing it up, since once I connect it to my pc it will start detecting and installing the "new" hardware, and I have to return said HD later. So my question is, can...
  16. DSparil

    Dyatlov Pass Accident

    I read about this today, and posted it on the Spam time thread. But just when things started to get interesting, the spam returned. Anyways: What the heck could have happened there?
  17. DSparil

    Scene size

    This is just for my modded native. I have a low end computer, and therefore my battlesize is quite small, so I was wandering what do I have to edit to make the battlefield size smaller?
  18. DSparil

    Video cutting software

    Does anyone know of a program that will let me cut a video without any kind of "this is shareware lulz" watermark stepping in?
  19. DSparil

    Your Gaming History

    Reading Nethros's thread about adventure games reminded me of them, you know, the VGA oldies that I used to play as a kid. So this thread is to share your gaming history, how did you start in this whole thing? EDIT: My first gaming thingie was the Atari 2600. Then my dad bought me a NES with...
  20. DSparil

    Error in Process_items

    Wtf?. Solved it, guess those backups were usefull after all.
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