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  1. LucaArthur

    Αθηναίοι οπλίτες (Athenian Hoplites)

    Steam name: Nord Warlord(lucastam15)
    In game name:Nord_Warlord
    Where are you from?:Netherlands
    Why do you want to join?:I was Looking for a good Greek legion and i asked Phalax if i could join and he said yes.So here i'm Filling in this application and my reason is:I love to play SB's as Hoplites whit spearwall and other formations i was in the XII Leg but they Bullied me out
  2. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Khandur said:
    1. Name In-Game: Cadogan
    2. Steam Name: Khandur600
    3. What Country are you from: Ireland
    4. RolePlay on a rate of 1-10: 9
    5. Do you have TeamSpeak 3:Yes
    6. Will you Remain active and wear tags: Of course
    7. Roleplay Brief / Story: Born into a noble family Cadogan was given the best possible education and combat training from his youth. As his family were quite rich he was privately tutored and was trained in the art of battle by the captain of the guard at his familes holdfast. This was his life up until his teenage years when his family were betrayed diplomatically by a rival clan and were deposed from their seat of power and they lost their favour with the King, their lands and riches were seized and his parents were excecuted and Cadogan himself was thrown into the wilds. He travelled for quite some time before finding a small village, away from the power of the King that had ruined his family and he took up an apprenticeship as a weoponsmith. He gradually became more reknowned for his weoponsmithing and was soon required by a local lord to craft weopons for tournaments. One year he began to feel quite depressed with the place he was in life and decided to enlist himself in a tournament also. This proved to be a very good move as he moved on to win said tournament and was requested to squire for the local Lord who had held the Tournament. He remained in this Lords service for several years until he was granted a Knightship, sadly the Lord that he served died suddenly one winter of a fever and in his will he had appointed a new successor. This new aspirant was young and foolish and Cadogan himself seen this, he saw that the boy was cruel and twisted and reuested that the position to be held until the boy comes of Age. The court did not seem toa gree with him and he was thusly stripped of his titles and lands and thrown out of the Kingdom and now wanders the land alone.

    Thinking about it
  3. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Bloodbeag said:
    Let me say in my defence that i applied for house brasspening BEFORE i applied here and your votes dont really mean anything as matthew said he closed recruitment. It is erally heart warming to know that people remember me in a good way although theres others he remember me for worse. I didnt even see medith thread until about an hour after applying for braspenning, to be honest i would rather be in medith as i know some of you and you do lots of stuff. I just want to be in a  clan again. Ive been in the peru family and medith im not sure which one was better.

    Still matthew looks how many vouchs and devouchs you have you got more devouchs then vouch so be sure your not in and be nice to the Baron,Counts,Diplomat there vouch counts too
  4. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    IL_Scippio said:
    Name in game: Scippio
    Steam Name: IL_Scippio
    Roleplay on a rate of 1-10: 10
    Do you have TeamSpeak3: Yes
    Will you Remain active and wear tags? Yes

    Story: Long time ago when i was a kid, my father was a smith and my mother was a cook. But then came the dark days when Nords came crashing down from the hills. I hid myself, but my father was killed and my mother raped then killed. And i swore an oath that a day will come and il get my revenge.

    1st how can you be a 10 at roleplaying
    and 2nd your story is a little short maybe you can tell what happend after the dark days when you came out of your hiding place

    Baron Nord Warlord
  5. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    bobthe8th said:
    this bloodbeag guy just applied to Braspenning house as well...

    Is this true Bloodbeag?
  6. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Bear6382 said:
    Bloodbeag said:
    but really ill only let matthew mark it

    I remember him.... iv seen him rp +1


    On what server?
  7. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Bloodbeag said:
    but really ill only let matthew mark it

    You know that i can vouch and for this i vote a -1 and never saw you play on PW
  8. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Bloodbeag said:
    1. Name In-Game:Andelko or Ezekial not sure
    2. Steam Name:BloodBeag
    3. What Country are you from:UK
    4. RolePlay on a rate of 1-10:7
    5. Do you have TeamSpeak 3:yes
    6. Will you Remain active and wear tags:yes
    7. Roleplay Brief / Story:I was part of the great medith family for some years until, i did terrible acts of vilence and disorderly behaviour. I lfet them and i llive by myself for some years but i have decided that they may be able to forgive me and i can come back.

    Oh yes matthew its me.

    Your roleplay brief/story needs to be like i was born in a small village in the northen lands when i grew up my mother died my brother was so despred that he left and never came back my dad suiside and i was all alone i burried my dad next to my mom and i stayed at the house for 5 weeks then the food was all gone and i needed to leave i went to the big city and seached for the local tavern i saw a poster on the wall that the House of Medith was recruiting at their castle so i went there........

  9. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Gandalf le Grey said:
    So now shall i edit it to show whats happend in my life? (Family died raided whatever)

  10. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Gandalf le Grey said:
    1. Name In-Game: Gandalf
    2. Steam Name: vgbomz
    3. What Country are you from: England
    4. Roleplay on a rate of 1-10: 9
    5. Do you have TeamSpeak 3: Sure and microphone
    6. Will you Remain active and wear tags: i'll wear tags and im a active player

    7. Roleplay Brief / Story: As i docked on the vast island of calradia i noticed a small town off in the distance, after mounting up on old Bessy, boot in styrup off i went. An hour later i arrived at a small town the locals called 'Lazlo'.
    Trotting in town on Bessy i notice to my right an armory and to my left what seems to be the keep of the town. as i continue down the alley riding out of an arch into what seemed to be the town center, with a tavern to my left and a port to my right i make my way to the tavern for good cold beer. after tying up Bessy, i entered the tavern. What seemed to be a feast was occurring, by the fact all the drunks were shooting 'HOORAR FOR THE NEW LORD OF LAZLO' i gathered that was what this was about. after taking a free beer and a slice of pie i sit on some barrels under the steps, I notice a poster hanging on the wall, "Join the House of Medith! New recruits are needed, any skills available!" this is what i was going to do. after returning my Chalice to the bar and wiping the drops of sweat from my head because of the heat i Prepared Bessy and with boot in styrup i began my journey.

    Hope you like it :smile:

    Gandalf get it NOBODY can be a 9 at roleplay when youre a 9 you never get complains\
    Edit: and the story is how you get born if you lose mother./fathe or both have you got any sister/brother ect and it you say what you became after you lifed on your own(or left your parents house) You became a archer/footman/man at arms/ or just a peasant begging for money

  11. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Bear6382 said:
    Gandalf le Grey said:
    lucastam said:
    I told gandalf that i dint vouch for him wen he gets 1 more complain and he still hasnt got one so i maybe say +1 now because he show him self that he CAN follow the rules


    Thanks :smile: Im now feeling that my suspisions of someone using my name is true
    Tbh, i have seen him play (and played abit with him) he CAN rp, seen it first hand. He did seem to follow orders with out question when we had the issue with the TG (wasnt his fault some pubby started it :smile:). So i give him my vouch based off what i have seen +1.
    PS. i havent seen the admins complain about him on the server, and iv been on a lot (Yes i have no social life :wink:).


    Get a life xD
  12. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    I told gandalf that i dint vouch for him wen he gets 1 more complain and he still hasnt got one so i maybe say +1 now because he show him self that he CAN follow the rules

  13. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Neville said:
    I havent been on for the past couple of days and probley not today either.

    As an admin I can vouch for gandalf he has never broke the rules, or not at least while I've been online, but of course its up to you guys if you want him In the house or not.

    I saw him got slayed 3 times for NLR and also randoms and he got warned a couple of time now i can vouch i say

  14. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Gandalf le Grey said:
    Ikm not joking when i say this but i never random or revenge i cill for even the smallest reason if im in a bad mood

    EDIT : So i geusse im denied?

    Yesterday you got slayed for NLR
  15. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    I saw Gandalf a few times on and if i could vouch it was a no for me ass well he randomed me a lot

  16. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    We already have a Ezio in medith i think i played a lot whit that Ezio and he made app before you but he didnt got accepted(isnt look at yest)

  17. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    When your in a bad mood you cant roleplay less
    Because you always need to roleplay good when youre mad go afk for 10 min to coll of and come back.
    or just leave
    Same for higgison

  18. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    A friend cannot make account so i will do a application for her
    1. Name In-Game:Lady_Noa
    2. Steam Name:Mr.Underwear
    3. What Country are you from:Israel
    4. RolePlay on a rate of 1-10:8
    5. Do you have TeamSpeak 3:Yes(no mic)
    6. Will you Remain active and wear tags:yes of cource
    7.7. Roleplay Brief / Story: i rob and i tell this nice wallet you got there,Gimme it

  19. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    Jameson need promotion he helped me a lot and rps good he only needs to work on the no war in town
  20. LucaArthur

    [Of_Medith] House of Medith [Recruiting]

    You had my Vouch if i could give it :grin:
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