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  1. Hagaron

    No annoucement of war-/logs

    There is no 'big' announcement of war being declared in any form. Everytime I'm on the otherside on the map or whatever I notice too late that I'm suddenly at war with multiple factions without being notified. Also, there is no logs like in Warband? Everytime something happens or I think i...
  2. Hagaron

    Black screen when playing

    Hello! Recently I bought a new PC. On which, I have no trouble in FPS whatsoever on other games. Beside Warband. When joining multiple player servers my whole screen turns black. I can see the title screen by pressing escape, and my opinions. Apart from that, utterly nothing besides the name...
  3. Hagaron

    A Ruleset actually based on the Community - Discussion

    Alot of rules are able to bend or simply loophole them, that's why I'm makking this new ruleset and discussion on TaleWorld, it will improve everytime there has been discovered a better rule in the dicussion below or a person looholed his way around, thus it will be editted aswell. The origal...
  4. Hagaron

    The new damage of ranged weapons. *(Crossbow)

    So, Today I noticed they reduced the damage of the crossbow, shooting someone in the chest does most likely almost the same damage which makes it worth more aiming for which doesn't make much sense, thinking logically you should get more damage by aiming for the head for example: Back in the...
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