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  1. Pt.C

    When is a better memory deallocation?

    Setting up a game and playing can be very ‘PPT’ for a long time and quit the game without selecting temporary storage. I have uploaded the configuration file on the beta sign up page before. I hope there will be dynamic memory deallocation in the future.
  2. Pt.C

    Dual wield!

    So it's there!
  3. Pt.C

    Well, I got two test cdk now...

    I think it's an act of propaganda: It's big, it's the last quarter of testing, it's close to release day. Most importantly, the players who get this cdk are not all special players and are not distributed by category. If necessary, tw can recycle the extra cdk. ...Ignore the above sentence, I...
  4. Pt.C

    Are there any little games in mb2?

    Just like Gwent, chess、cards those stuff.
  5. Pt.C

    Will there be a naval battle in the original version of 2?

    The warband has a number of mods that support naval warfare, and they seem to fit. After playing 2beta and seeing the port map, I remembered.
  6. Pt.C

    Anti-cheating on multiplayer

    Nearly 100 blogs, but no mention of multiplayer anti-cheating. I hope there will be more innovative and sophisticated anti-cheating mechanisms on the blog in the future. Mordhau is a very fun, fair, competitive multiplayer game, but after that, there are 360° and 180° no dead angle auto blocks...
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