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  1. Danath

    What's on your mind?

    Oh, look, 5 of my wishlisted games are on quite a sale!

    I also have 10 games I haven't finished or played less than 10 minutes
  2. Danath

    What TV series are you watching?

    Really enjoyed The Boys, but season 2 starts with such a
    At first the series seemed just USA-centric, but now the entire plot is about how apparently everyone in the world believes supers are just born like that, naturally... but only inside USA territory. How could anyone believe that to be natural??
  3. Danath

    New movie trailers

    Dune Trailer
    Says crusade *Angry nerd noises*
    Also the trailer makes Chani (Zendaya) look like a very generic romance character.
  4. Danath

    2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: The Circus Is In Full Swing

    We are lower than the world
  5. Danath

    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    Morrowind is 18 years old 😵
  6. Danath

    What type of Ram?

    CPU model ends with an X: can be overclocked (OC)
    CPU model ends with a G: yes, it includes an integrated graphics processor. My brother is able to play Witcher 3 with that on his 1600.

    JEDEC is basically saying "standard", so the maximum is 3200.
    XMP = Extreme Memory Profiles. One does not just overclock the CPU, but also the RAM. Not every MB is capable/ready to OC.
  7. Danath

    What pissed you off today? v. VI

    Trying to log in Steam app: "type the security code that is shown in the app". No keyboard found, press any key to continue

    To play a game without updating, I'll have to go offline. Just let me be ffs, is a singleplayer.
  8. Danath

    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    Another Oblivion NPC , even better because is not actually talking to anyone :lol:
  9. Danath

    Not all memory usable, win7

    You have Win7 32 bits? :shock:
    On a side note, not all motherboards allow any kind of RAM configuration (size and speed), have to check for exact models supported
  10. Danath

    Worried for this games future

    I'm bloody serious. I don't know why it runs so well either. :lol:

    Witcher 3 seems to be an extremly well optimized game anyways.
    The few options I disabled barely changed the look of the game and I got pretty stable 30fps
    I just searched in Youtube that GPU and Witcher 3 and performance was barely 30fps on low graphics. According to, my cpu is about 75% better, but my GPU is 500% :lol:
  11. Danath

    Worried for this games future

    Witcher3 on highest
    AMD Radeon R7 240 Graphics Card
  12. Danath

    Stay safe, isolate yourself


    2 weeks already, more to go...I really want to have a 2 hour walk
  13. Danath

    Planetside 2?

    There are so many players now that you conquer a continent and is open again in 10-15 minutes, or it doesn't close at all :party:
  14. Danath

    What pissed you off today? v. VI

    Broken axis in the mouse wheel. Back to old mouse with wheel that doesn't detect going up.
    Best solution so far is trying to get a nail through the wheel, then file it by hand to get inside the hex hole. Sadly I don't know anyone with a 3d printer to ask for a spare part
  15. Danath

    corona? :(

    As long as the healthcare system doesn't oversaturate
    Is already saturated. Doctors have been given a document to help choose who gets treatment and who doesn't depending on their chances of survival.
  16. Danath

    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    the old M&B
    Black Knight killed list goes on...
  17. Danath

    How old are you people?

    I'm too young for my age
  18. Danath

    Armenian Genocide (?)

    Paying more taxes and being forbbiden to join the military leads to being high class in XIX century? That must be a first
  19. Danath

    Deep Rock Galactic

    Is supposedly in Early Access, but I've seen many released games less polished than this. Next versions are just adding content, balancing, and fix some rare bugs here and there.

    Last one to the pod is a pointy ear leaf-lover!
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