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  1. Ruoska

    Resolved Brother and Siblingsbug

    Summary: Your Brother keeps that "!" as if he has a quest for you, but he doesnt have any dialogue option. How to Reproduce: After freeing the brother form the slavers, you talk to him and hes in the next tavern. He then has that "!" sign forever and shows no other dialogue option to finish the...
  2. Ruoska

    Resolved "Escort Caravan" Trading Bug causes Quest to fail

    Summary: Trading with the Caravan causes teh Quest to Fail. How to Reproduce: I fought the first bandit party, and i defeated them. After that i talked to the caravan and wanted to see what they have for trade. After that, the menu appears "You are leaving Loot behind" (or so atleast). I click...
  3. Ruoska

    Unresolved Companion sets himself on "HOLDING"

    After sending the companion to a quest, it can occur that he sets himself on "HOLDING" at Ain Baliq. You cant find him anymore near the castle and you can only kick him out of the Clan because hes taking up the Companion Capacity.
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