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  1. dark_blade

    New Albion: Suggestions and ideas

    Make the recruits like the Ballion recruits, except with clubs. Perfect seal clubbers right there.
  2. dark_blade

    Personal Leave ended early

    Don't take personally leave? That is one option.
    Or desert and become a bandit! Option two!

    Magic third option: Don't enlist!

    Serious note: No idea personally how to fix that, but I never took personal leave for more than two/three days and never had the issue myself. Granted, that's two/three days compared to 8. :/

  3. dark_blade

    No thrust attack with polearms while mounted?

    I have to ask though, what is the reasoning for it? Did the Japanese outlaw thrust based mounted attacks? Because that would be new history for me.
  4. dark_blade

    How do you manage morale?

    To be honest, I've never had a problem with morale of troops. Granted, I usually have an army of 90-110. I don't have many companions, so I'm not sure if they have an effect either positively or negatively. Even had elvish troops when my faction (Swadia) had gone to war with the elves.

  5. dark_blade


    Doesn't help that a number of players are still unable to play.

    Not a very optimized mod.
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    [#]Rove's Mercenary Regiment[#]Inactive[#]

    News Archive

    8/30/2013: Updates and News

    Well the newest PF update has broken the game for me, and while I wait, and pray that Austro optimizes the code a bit to make it much less intensive (I can run PW on max settings, just for a reference) the clan will be in a suspended state. That being said, we will still accept applications and I fully expect to be active within the next month as I get together parts for a new PC.

    In other news, we do have a teamspeak channel. I say channel because we are using a public teamspeak's permanent channel. This reduces costs, allows us to meet, and it works just as well as a paid server. The address is Please be advised that our channel is permission protected so members will need an opperater to set their channel group to talk.

    Also, feel free to play PW with us. It may even become an official group on there as well, though it would be Rove's Mercenary Company to fit the period.


    6/6/2013: Updates

    The uniforms have been added to the main thread. Please abide by them, you will be reminded but showing up frequently out of uniform will be noticed.
    Also, I'd like to welcome Regular Kittykat, a long time friend of mine. Being that I know him well, he has been granted one full rank promotion. I'd also like to welcome Private Rowan, bring out total members to 6. Keep it going guys! Hope to gather us all for an event when I get back from my vacation.

    Important! I will be going on vacation for the next month. I would ask our members not to forget about the regiment, as activity will pick up after that time. Sergeant Dastian is permitted to hold small scale events, but any training/events are unofficial. You can still apply for membership, I promise to get back to that as soon as I return.

  7. dark_blade

    To much retards = Not enough admins

    • Should have hired guards mate. Rove's Regiment would've protected you. Just sign the contract below.

      • You agree to pay 1,000 gold coins for protection from any and all threats. You agree on the following:
        • You will pay in full
        • You will not terminate the contract early
        • You may buy out your contract
        You give us your whole soul, 1,000,000 gold, and your first born child

        Sign here,


        Seems fair no?
  8. dark_blade

    POLL - Should the Natives be treated like a Soldier Faction?

    This does not mean you can't be racist in game towards them, but they should be treated as a faction.
  9. dark_blade

    [#]Rove's Mercenary Regiment[#]Inactive[#]


    1/31/2014: Clan Inactive

    Since I am still unable to play the mod (I get a crash every time I join a game. Uses up way too much ram.) the clan will remain inactive. If you have any questions, contact me.
  10. dark_blade

    [POLL]New Rule is being Passed

    If you remove the rule you kill role play. It takes time for the rule to take effect, and if it is the NA server, then you already have enough problems with the rules. They need to be enforced, but taking them away is not a solution.

    Hey we have a problem with murderer. Instead of fixing it, lets just legalize it so we can ignore the problem.
  11. dark_blade

    Suggestions / Feedback

    Would this be the right area to request a banner to be added in game? If so, I'd like this banner added from my regiment.

  12. dark_blade

    Official List of PF Clans/Groups

    Clan Name: Rove's Mercenary Regiment
    Clan Location: NA*
    Time Zone: Varies [GMT-5 through GMT -8. Primarily NA]
    Faction: Highest bidder
    Link to Forum page:,278274.0.html

    We accept international members, we operate based on NA times with others taken into consideration.
  13. dark_blade

    [#]Rove's Mercenary Regiment[#]Inactive[#]

    Rove's Mercenary Regiment [i]No man left behind, no enemy left standing. For gold, for glory, and for Gerrard Rove! What the hell is Rove's Mercenary Regiment? [font=comic sans ms]Rove's Mercenary Regiment are a group of mercenaries organized under Colonel Gerrard Rove. We operate under a new...
  14. dark_blade

    Bug reports and suggestions - read the first post

    It was tried before, but it never got past alpha
  15. dark_blade

    Screen Shots new v1.2....

    Holy crap dude, I'm at day 80ish, and I have seen only about 3-5 bandit outposts in an area. I don't mind too much, but it is incredibly annoying when I clear 8 outposts only to find more to harass me. It's a real pain after I dismiss my levy and its 4 of us (me + 3 companions) Against 30-40 sea raiders. Throwing axes aren't a good mix with horse's heads.

    Love the mod though.
  16. dark_blade

    Me playing and Commentating over this Mod

    About that idea.... No, not everyone should make videos. Here is my small little general rant for that:

    Not everyone can make good videos anyway, though good videos can come from anyone. Also, if you are making a video, it might help to focus on the following things.

    • Diction
    • Clarity
    • Non-repeating sentences
    • Basic grammar

    Also, if your voice is cracking every five seconds and you suddenly find your video filled with hate comments, you really should have listened to yourself first. Wait a year or two.... or five. And you addresses all the readers, not the original person who started the thread. I'll let the rest of you critisize him
  17. dark_blade

    Bug Reports

    Not sure if it was reported, or if it's not even a bug, though I highly doubt it.

    I chose to start as a noble, hired a guy to manage finance (whatever they're called, sorry I can't remember). Anyway, when I choose to upgrade anything it would give me a time and cost like normal (IE The mill...blah blah... 5460....blah blah..... 36 days or however much it was exactly). So I agreed, a mill seemed a good investment for me anyway. Now, I clicked on manage village and noticed it said the mill would be finished in only ONE day.  I then checked my treasury and I still had the 5k in it. So I thought that the money would be withdrawn gradually or when it was done. WRONG. The next day, my superb peasants finished the mill and I was charged nothing. The village was rich, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. Correct me if I'm wrong

    While I love the fact that I am now getting nearly free, nearly instant upgrades (I still need x amount to START the upgrades, it's just never charged) I don't think it's suppose to be this way.
  18. dark_blade

    Game crashes on startup

    I'll try it out, I really want to play my Brytenwalda and PW mod again :<
  19. dark_blade

    "Warband has encountered an error and needs to close"

    Ever since the 1.54 update every time I start Warband I get that message "Warband has encountered an error and needs to close..." I have uninstalled and re-installed the game 3 times, once from the CD and twice through steam download. If there's any information needed to resolve just ask and...
  20. dark_blade

    Corrupt Admins on the server US East PW4 RP

    I have to agree with this, Marluka teleported into the middle of a war, and started killing anyone who hit him, mistake or not. I personally think he's a poor admin who is immature and never truly does his job. Of course I never advertise my in-game names that I use so he can't rage ban me.
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