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  1. In Progress portraits loading with black bits

    I have an old GTX980 with same issues after latest 1.58 Beta patch hotfix. So it´s not the grapics card. But i noticed some texture improvements when i turned off shadow filtering in graphic settings. PCF=Off.
    Same issues with gtx 960
  2. Need More Info Some of the ladies are naked

    the same here
  3. In Progress Performance decrease since beta 1.5.6

    PS: I don't think it is the battle itself. I do not have issues during stimulation. I think it is UI of the loot after the battle. The space in memory is not released properly I guess.
    Yes, its not the battle itself. As you say The memory usage increased over time. You have 32gb ram , but if you have 8gb or 16gb maybe your game will start stuttering during simulation ( freezing for a second per few seconds ) after a few battles.
  4. In Progress Performance decrease since beta 1.5.6

    Here the same like in the first post.Also stuttering durring a battles, long laoding ui screen after the battles.I found for myself, that its a memory issue. Durring a battle when the game start to stuttering I just clear the memory with ClearMem and all is ok(durring a battle and after that for a time), but this is a temporary solution.The developers must do something about this. In 1.5.5 I do not have such problem like stuttering freezing.

    Computer Specs:
    OS: WIN 10 64
    GPU: GTX 960ti
    CPU: i5-2500k
    RAM: 8 GB 1600mhz
    Motherboard: Asus P8P67
    Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD
    In-game graphic settings: Custom from medium to high. For gpu 1912mb from 2000 available
  5. Resolved [1.5.6]Marrying off clan members is now possible???

    Sorry, I have already deleted my save files from 1.5.6 and moved to 1.5.5 due to overall performance drop and most of all stuttering(freezing) per 2-3 second during а battles in 1.5.6. But I saw posted similar issue as mine
  6. Resolved [1.5.6 Beta] - High framerate fluctuation in weaker rigs

    I have the similar problem with 1.5.6. Heavy load and during battles masive framedrop per few seconds the game freeze for a moment - continuosly.Its unplayable for me. With 1.5.5 everything worked well .
  7. Resolved [1.5.6]Marrying off clan members is now possible???

    The uploaded video says all! an attempt at marriage between Nathanos and Itariaa I tried to marry my brother to Itaria, but the old cow Viviana wants to get married first. Ok I thought and decided to sacrifice Nathanos, but .... pls watch the video and judge for yourself.
  8. Set party to patrol

  9. AI behavior and some other balancing issues!

    Hello. AI behavior during a war, still problematic, although, TW claims it has been fixed. Also some other issues. Some examples: Quest given by Istiana. but istiana is already dead :smile:)))) Khuzait are crushed! but my clans do not want to fight. Every day my clans want peace and I...
  10. Annoying since release : WHY cant i give Attribute/Focuspoints to companions that are not in my Party?

    +1 Agreed, it is very annoying. At least there should be an option in dialogue - something like "let me inspect your progress".sort of thing. like in warband
  11. Resolved Music stuttering and then game freezes

    Hi I had the same problem in 1.4.3. Corrupted save file. Just load different save. For me in 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 this problem is gone
  12. [1.5.1] Healing rate is slowed compared to previous version

    Well, that's not the game I want to play. If I wanted to play as a general commanding my troops from a hilltop, I'd just play Total War instead.

    When I'm attacked from 3 kingdoms at once , no time for resting 4-5-6 days, I will lose during this time all my settlements. In my current game I have 3 clans fighting for my kingdom against 20 clans Khuzait. South Empire ,Aserai. Its not funny. All my prisoners return after 3 days with full army. At the moment for 3 days I barely reach 25-30% and I am with 160 medicine
  13. [1.5.1] Healing rate is slowed compared to previous version

    Hello, I confirm, the overall rate of healing for troops and heroes in 1.5.1 is very slow compared to previous versions. Maybe a twice as slow.
  14. Resolved 10 of every item in villiage glitch V1.5.1

    Hi, you have to disable cheat mode in engine_config!
  15. AI Behavior is a gamebraker!Please fix it!!!!

    Hello.I am in the final stage of the game, but it is not possible for the campaign to be completed in another 10 generations. My kingdom is a leading force in Calradia. I can crush my enemies in no time. And here comes the problem !!!!! As example:My clans are proposing that we declare war on...
  16. Resolved [1.4.3 beta] Village notables power levels all resetting to 100, no noble troops available

    Same to me! Only regular landowners.Questgiver takes +10 power and after a day again reset to 100.
  17. In Progress Ummmmm.... sharing my wife with my brother ? xD

    Same to me too, and also now I have unknown unfinished quest with my brother. Nothing in the Quest section!
  18. In Progress Cannot select my brother as party leader

    My brother was leading a party, lost battle against looters and get captured as prisoner. When he escaped from captivity, he came to my town, i take him to my party but now i cannot select him as leader of new party, he just not appears in the list.
    Same to me, but with my wife and my brother. They just missing from the list ,when I push the button Create New Party After few months they reappeared and I was able again to create a party. This problem occurred with bannerlord 1.4.3
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