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  1. Kharille

    Needing help for gekokujo

    Cavalry... I suggest hang around Kyoto, blast away the bandits, get fame then join a faction. If you find those too hard head north, the northern barbarians tend to be easy. Those Ainu barbarians.
  2. Kharille

    What's the One Thing Now that would Reignite Your Passion and Interest in the Game?

    I'd like to see customized battlefield AI. Maybe more personality from the companions. That could be them hanging around you, refusing orders, running off on personal errands, a balance being that really good characters also have personal obligations. Maybe some of them will help increase recruitment with some factions. Maybe make them more vocal so they comment on your choices on how the warband is run. Well, makes the world seem more lively.
  3. Kharille

    How much time do you think its going to take TW to acknowledge this game is boring and repetitive?

    I don't play native much. Want to get back into my diplomacy game. Completed the game on Gekokujo 3.1 with suguroku 3.1, twice because of a bug in the first game.

    Not complaining since I still want to finish warband Perisno 1.001 and Brytenwalda, and to figure out prophesy of pendor...
  4. Kharille

    Take As Long As You Need

    I haven't experienced any major issues, don't think I had one crash or corruption or anything. Something weird about the much faster pace of sieges but I suppose thats a good thing. Feels a bit empty but so was vanilla warband.
  5. Kharille

    Why so much hate for this game?

    My backlog is too massive for me to complain. Waiting is easy for me. I bought a new desktop specifically with Bannerlord in mind and even if it doesn't quite scratch that itch, I can always get back into my Perisno game with the latest patch or default gekokujo.

    I remember playing warband in 2014 and I was irritated that I couldn't just pay off ransoms for Lords. I think they still haven't resolved that though I haven't checked. I'm useless in combat so rescue missions involve too mucy quickloading...
  6. Kharille

    Why this game is unique

    Discovered Warband crack in 2014. Just on Vanilla I was spending 2 hours sleeping on saturday mornings. Then modding. Bought maybe 4 copies for friends. Love the franchise.
  7. Kharille

    Your Bannerlord ea play-time?

    I'm sure the mechanics could be made, villagers will buy your spare hardware at a real discount so that they can mark it up on their next city trip. Should be ways to deplete your money, like 'expensive mercenaries' or some real collector items, 'masterwork' hardware that you can equip your companions.

    Was late to warband, only started playing it in 2014 and it was like crack. Some weekends I was sleeping 2 hours a day, and that was just vanilla warband. These days I cut corners and refuse villager quests.
  8. Kharille

    Your Bannerlord ea play-time?

    I remember the complaints about how long it took for Bannerlord to release. Not sure if the same people are those who are having issues with it now. I remember fallout 3 was crashing all the time, bought it on release in 2008. Years later I gave it to a friend who didn't think to patch the game so for him it was crashing like crazy.

    I haven't had any issues with Bannerlord. Suppose I miss crossbows, and something feels weird about buying top tier hardware for those amazing sums. Didn't feel so bad to have a 'masterwork arming sword'. Guess maybe its just a matter of changing the item descriptions.

    Need to get back into my warband game. Last attempt with diplomacy, Swadia were getting killed and I was running out of places to sell my loot. Would be nice if you could flog off hard ware to villagers, even at rotten prices.
  9. Kharille

    Your Bannerlord ea play-time?

    32 hours. Fun game but somehow combat and sieges happen so quickly. Guess thats a good thing, I remember how I dreaded invading Rivacheg in warband since sieges took forever, but now it seems to be resolved in less than ten minutes. Doesn't help that I have more time. I have no issues with the game but somehow a siege in gekokujo at later levels when I'm fielding 500 troops feels more satisfying than 'accelerated sieges' in Bannerlord.

    Felt awkward when I was fighting looters, got a bit more interesting trading between 3 cities in the south ?Sargoth and ?that Rhodok capital, at least I could get enough cash through trading to do longer journeys. I think I got as far as joining Vlandians, owning a city for maybe 1 week before an Empire army took it back.

    Bought a new desktop for Bannerlord, seems I'm spending more time playing modded Fallout 4. Will revisit.
  10. Kharille

    Any Trading Tips?

    Seemed easy, those 3 cities in the vlandian south, the .. velkala? Suno? and that coastal city which is great for horses. I did a lot of work and had a good start there, made enough money to do more travelling. Before that I was stuck with looters.
  11. Kharille

    New attempt to unite Japan

    I remember in my first playthrough on 3.1 with suguroku 3.1 I couldn't finish since one side made peace and ran out of cities. 2nd playthrough I just kept all walled cities and hired everyone who came along. Lots of defections and I regretted leaving garrisons of 100 farmers, had to run all the way back to Kyushu from Kofu and put out fires everywhere. 30 elite / veteran troops seem to be good enough to deter most minor lords.

    I'm sure relations with lords would be better if I had the patience to wait for the army to assemble, but its quicker shifting massive armies around by myself.
  12. Kharille

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    warband junkie since 2014... guess I'm new.....
  13. Kharille

    Decided not to buy this Bannerlord game.

    bought 3 copies of warband and gifted to 3 friends. One of them didn't accept. Love the franchise. Bought the game on discount myself, but I'd be happy to buy copies for my friends, and destroy their lives.

    Something about bannerlord, combats are resolved really quickly. I suppose thats a good thing when I get a job. If I want a slow siege I'll just go back to warband.
  14. Kharille

    Do you need to cool down after playing Bannerlord

    Warband addiction.... destroying lives out there...
  15. Kharille

    Do you need to cool down after playing Bannerlord

    Heh, reminds me of when I discovered warband in 2014. Just playing native, I got by with 2 hours sleep on a Saturday. Somehow I like the music in warband better.
  16. Kharille

    Why I am always kicked out by the "anti-cheat" system?

    ah, all resolved. Wasn't happy about installing unnecessary software, but ok, that didn't hurt.

  17. Kharille

    Why I am always kicked out by the "anti-cheat" system?

    Hm, got kicked out 4 times just there on Asia and Oceania, usually after 1 minute as a spectator. Usually spectate and don't play but thats a joke. Could it be related to some recent update?
  18. Kharille

    Can we do something about the khuzaits?

    Some youtube documentary said that the Mongols wouldn't be too effective the further west they went because there were lots of fortresses the further west you go. Just so happens that a lot of those leaders were dying from alchohol overdose but they'd be bogged down in sieges. Maybe a mechanic for attacking encamped khuzaits would be in order. Some situatoin where they lose their cavalry.
  19. Kharille

    How the Hell do I defeat Horse archers

    ah, good to know, hold fire. Smart. Don't want them wasting arrows. Just not used to moving from Warband. At least this gives you more options for stealth.
  20. Kharille

    How the Hell do I defeat Horse archers

    Hm, hope the bannerlord wiki will cover it. Usually spend ages reading and rereading game wikis. Noted my companions don't use their bows when I'm doing bandit lair missions.
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