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  1. dark_blade

    [#]Rove's Mercenary Regiment[#]Inactive[#]

    Rove's Mercenary Regiment [i]No man left behind, no enemy left standing. For gold, for glory, and for Gerrard Rove! What the hell is Rove's Mercenary Regiment? [font=comic sans ms]Rove's Mercenary Regiment are a group of mercenaries organized under Colonel Gerrard Rove. We operate under a new...
  2. dark_blade

    "Warband has encountered an error and needs to close"

    Ever since the 1.54 update every time I start Warband I get that message "Warband has encountered an error and needs to close..." I have uninstalled and re-installed the game 3 times, once from the CD and twice through steam download. If there's any information needed to resolve just ask and...
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  4. dark_blade

    Trouble Connecting to Na's Sever?

    Whenever I try to connect it says loading than 30 seconds latter connection to server lost. I can still connect to EU. Anyone know why I might not be able to connect?
  5. dark_blade

    PW Alpha 4 complaints and comments (Poll: Should Alpha 4 be its own mod?)

    I strongly belive that Alpha 4 is not and should not remain PW mod. As said by its creator it was made before PW mod was more RP oriented. This said I belive it would be good to have it as it's own mod. I want to know how many people agree. The man who made Alpha did do a great job just it is...
  6. dark_blade

    The Nordic Legion [NL] *Roster&Match updated*

    The Nordic Legion was founded on December 15, 2010. We train together, battle together, and accept members of all skill levels. If you're interested in joining, register here. For questions or comments regarding the clan, go here.
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    testing my sig
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    banned from 22nd server?

    I tried getting on today and it said I was banned from the server. I have never randomed and only once offended a guy  whom i said sorry and I was not kicked. SO i want to know at least the reason for me being banned and proof. I very much enjoy this mod and respect the rules.
  9. dark_blade

    game won't start (nevermind)

    Ok well  steam just says : "Scanning for Steam games updates..." and for the past half hour it hasn't started the game should I wait?
  10. dark_blade

    map editor?

    is there a map editor to edit castles and stuff like that? and is there a way to download extra maps for multiplyer?
  11. dark_blade

    problem starting game

    ok well when i try to start the game it says "RGL WARNING" steam could not be initialized properly. Steam must be running to play the game" but i can still run steam perfectly. Does anyone know what i did wrong? I've tried uninstaling it but it won't let me saying that it can't be deleted...
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