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  1. Leggeron

    Some mentoring would be highly appreciated (with modelling this time)

    As it is, I would like try my hand at modding.  My main problem is time limitation, I can barely give it more than say an hour a day or two in good days.  I would really rather spend that time more productively than seeping through loads of threads that have a good chance of ultimately not...
  2. Leggeron


    Last night I had an interesting dream... I dreamt that I logged into the forum and saw "Latest release of M&B:  0.971" The result was me waking up in cold sweat and running off to the PC, under the startled gaze of my just awakened wife, and logging into the forum, where, alas, I found the...
  3. Leggeron

    Mod error message

    Hello When I tried Holywar, 100 Year War and Story mod I get the same error message - something like "there are 32 strings per sound" - cant really remember except for the "32" and being about sound, but someone else might have gotten the same.  What can I do about it?
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