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  1. Leave in Settlement function is fubar -- They don't stay where you left them

    The problem: When I use the Leave in Settlement function to put someone in a settlement, they do not stay where I put them. Thus, when I appoint someone as governor and want to leave their spouse in the same town so they can have babies, the spouse does not stay put. Instead the spouse teleports...
  2. Execution questions

    1 -- If I execute a mercenary, will it have the same negative effect on relations that executing a lord has? 2 -- If I execute some Khuzaiti lords that were hitting my holdings, will the execution relationship penalty be applied to just Khuzaiti lords, or will lords from other factions get...
  3. How to get Trade to 300 (1.5.4 with no mods)

    I have the maximum of 5 focus points in Trade. And I have the max of 10 skill points in SOC Social Skill. My Trade is currently 225. And my Learning Limit shows as 240. So how, with Focus and SOC skills maxed, do I get my trade to 300 so I can get Everything Has Its Price.
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