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  1. Cars, and normal units...and massacre.

    Anyone think it would be funny, this wouldn't be a serious mod obviously, but a maybe a mod that puts a Car into the game, with like, invincible stats and whatnot, whatever it takes, but ALL other units stay the same, except maybe the Lords...and you can just mow down people in your car, or...
  2. Mini-map mod?

    I know it's unrealistic, and some people may ask why, but lately in several battles, enemies are running around in all four corners of the map and it can take an extra 5 minutes to find them all sometime...and it's a real chore. I think a nice Mini-map, or a button, like pressing "M" brings up a...
  3. Mod to be King?

    I've been looking around and haven't seen a mod yet that allows to you have your own Kingdom / become a King of a pre-existing Empire, and honestly, I'm a little shocked. SO what's the word?
  4. Porting char from Native to Mod?

    I like the "Morale" mod, someone released, but I don't want to start over again. So, I exported my character, thinking I could just "Import" them into the mod thingy, but it didn't let me, and I can't find a way otherwise. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  5. Mod to increase troops?

    I did a search for "Increased Troops" and "More Troops", and "Expanded Troops" but I didn't come up with much. Wiki states a max of 72 units are allowed into battle(This would really harm the Epicness) and Wiki also said there are mods to remove / increase this cap, and I'm looking for one that...
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