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  1. DeathBG

    Battle mode Competitive clan system.

    With battle mode in progress and custom servers not being implemented anytime soon I am here to offer the TW developers a solution to bring more players back to the multiplayer and gather more data for their servers. As we know we can play 6vs6 Captain and Skirmish thanks to the clan system.But...
  2. DeathBG

    Vlandian Infantry needs changes.

    Greetings warriors of Calradia! After playing a couple skirmish matches vs other clans I came to realise how bad the vlandian sergeant has become.The mace is really weak now and the speed reduction has killed it to the point where I hit the varyag for 13-30 damage.Also not to mention that the...
  3. DeathBG

    Cav knockdown needs to be nerfed.

    I know that the devs are doing their best to make cavarly equal to archers and inf,but compared to Warband Native I feel like the cav knockdown is too long and it kills competitive matches. You are going to ask: How? The answer is simple when you are in a infantry fight and Cav knocks you down...
  4. DeathBG

    Aserai inf needs a small buff.

    Flyssa sword should get speed reduced to 92 and length incrased to 102.Damage should be around 60-71 as right now it's just trash.The clan warrior gets a better sword and it costs 100 as well.You can't battle anyone you don't do damage and you die in 1 or 2 hits.
  5. DeathBG

    Mod for more than 100 inflience on kingdom decisions.

    Greetings! I have tons of influence and I play as a vassal.As you all know I can't use more than a 100 influence on decisions regarding towns,policies etc..If someone knows which file to edit or has a mod or something I would be really grateful to him to share his knowledge in this thread...
  6. DeathBG

    Kicking needs to be nerfed!

    I was hoping to see the kicking fixed in the upcoming patches but as I read the new Patch from today and the current beta patch(1.4.3) I realised that nobody is paying attention to the kicks.Kick in Bannerlord is twice as fast compared to warband also it does not stun the Player who kicks...
  7. DeathBG

    Unresolved Matchmaker is not working properly.

    Since the last patch the matchmaker is ignoring groups of 2 and 3 people.I had to wait like 50 minutes to get into a match.If you have a 6-man group you will get matches vs other premades if there are any.You won't get to play people who solo que.If you solo que you will take the place of...
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