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  1. Cheaters in bannerlord in EU servers "Beta"

    good or bad player the jest of it that if there is cheats it needs to be dealt with. I did further investigation and found another site that actually sells aim bots for bannerlord beta. What so called pro's these days are a potentially a cheater account. Come on guys have you seen how a pro player plays like??? he moves his camera like crazy and always looks down unlike these cheaters stands in a corner and hit you from far away.

    If the cheats you are finding are public then there is a high chance that you will be banned withing minutes of using them. Battleye is one of the most advanced anti-cheats around. Meaning cheats that cost £20 are going to get you ban within minutes of use. people would have to be paying close to $150 a month for undetected cheats, as well as finding an authentic private cheat , I think most people wouldn't want to pay those prices.
  2. Will there be a way to say how many rows i want my men to form when i make a line

    After playing the beta and seeing captain mode there dosnt seem like a way to say make 2 or 3 rows (captain mod its fine as you have like max 25 men) but in single player i wouldnt want a sheild wall thats 1 man thick as stuff will just break through.

    do we know if they are gonna add it or if they are not

    You can choose how many rows you have by holding left click and dragging your mouse across your screen, while having your unit selected.
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