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  1. Lannistark

    Activation Denied

    I uninstalled Warband around a couple of years ago and I decided to play it again recently so I took my key (verified by Taleworlds in the website) and downloaded the game. When I try to activate it, it will say Activation Denied. Has the key been denied? If so, what are the reasons. Thanks in...
  2. Lannistark

    Incorrect Serial Number

    From the night to the next morning Taleworlds now thinks my key is incorrect. It keeps asking me for it and denying it when I input it. Can't join any public servers regardless of the mod. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Lannistark

    Original Map

    I kind of miss the old Calradia. Is there somehow a choice to play on it? I really liked the original SoD on M&B as well which played on Calradia.
  4. Lannistark

    Support Western Craft in TW

    Today I was surfing through the Wild Wind board to find out that we have no new signature to show our support for the new born mod Shredzorz is currently modding: Western Craft. What a shame, eh? I wanted to contribute to this community in a slight matter by doing one myself with the bare free...
  5. Lannistark

    EU_IL_Roleplay Complaints | Unban Requests Thread

    [EU_IL_Roleplay Main Thread. Suggestions and Feedback here. No complaints in this thread.] "In Dark Ages no one would listen to your cries..." [size=10pt][font=georgia]NOVICIUS [size=12pt][font=georgia] Unban Requests Form: Your in-game name at the time: Who banned you? When were you...
  6. Lannistark

    EU_IL_Roleplay Main Thread SERVER DOWN [Feedback] [60 Players] [POLL]

    [SEVER IS DOWN] [EU_IL_Roleplay Main Thread. Suggestions and Feedback here. No complaints in this thread.] "In Dark Ages no one would listen to your cries..." NOVICIUS Announcements: [left] Server information: Base in Germany Intel Core i7 Quad-Core 8GB RAM 250GB HDD...
  7. Lannistark

    New Server: Iron Legion

    Well just a quick note. The Iron Legion team has returned from their vacations and have decided to put up their project, starting by a Persistant World server. Without further ado: Server Info: A scene made by the team will be put through when the server is inaugurated. Have a nice day...
  8. Lannistark

    Versatility with horses

    Well, how about the Ctrl + J button when used, does something more than just an animation? I mean, it could act as a kick to the player standing next to the horse, which would give sense to the whole control or action. Also, being able to whistle and call your horse would be nice. Or jumping on...
  9. Lannistark

    Tiny Contribution

    Well guys, everyone knows that Assassin Hunt's sub-forum is a bit lonely recently, and the servers have lost popularity. So my suggestion is, to everyone who reads this message, we could set a specific hour and day so we can all join the TDM server and fill the 14 slots of the server, so that...
  10. Lannistark

    What happened to mod?

    As Splofot said, everything is too quiet, no activity on the sub-board of notice for almost a week. Also servers feel empty, what happened thse days?
  11. Lannistark

    Leonardo's Studio (Artwork and Signatures)

    Hello members of the Assassin Hunt Community. As I said before In some of the topics in this sub-board, we need to make some advertisement for this beautiful mod. Post here all your media and banner signatures (Must be your doing. No Stuff From Other Games ) in relation to Assassin Hunt. This...
  12. Lannistark

    Uniting Brytannia

    Hi, this mod is wonderful, i'm engaged to it. I would like to know, how can you reclaim a throne of a faction, or how to unite Brytannia. Is it as in native by recruiting lords, and building your own empire or is the system different, because i recieved some messages saying the peasants support...
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